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We’re Blog Happy!

We know blogging doesn’t come off as a real stressful job, but we want you to know we take this gig very seriously! It is our job to always keep our pretzel fans in the loop, and to do so while also trying to rhyme our titles with pretzel?! Well it has us just exhausted….
Of course we only kid. We know there isn’t another word out there that rhymes with pretzel. However, no matter the rhyme challenges, we simply love blogging for the Kim and Scott’s team, and we figure since we love it so much, we might as well blog about it too.

We see our blog as a way to speak to our fans.

Now, some people may not understand where this deep love comes from, so as your blogger of choice, allow me to explain. The purpose of our blog is more than just company updates and pretty pictures. This blog gives us the opportunity to speak to our fans like human beings, like real people, and in the world of touch screen phones, wireless internet and immediate results, sometimes we lose that. That real person thing.
So that is what this blog is to us, it’s real. This is not an automated voice over, or a 1-800 number. This is our company talking directly to you, our fans, and the best part about this whole thing is that our fans have the ability to talk back! We are able to link up our facebook and review comments so that we hear the real thing, and so that we can use it the next time we have a new product in the works, or a promotion we want to try. It all goes back to you, and that is why our blog is so precious to us! Because it keeps us in touch with all of you. Plus, we never really could pull off the robot voice that most automated messages go for.
We hope you all enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it. As always, stay tuned pretzel fans! We’ve got so much more in the works and it’s coming your way soon!



New Faces at Café Twist!

We feel very lucky to reach out to our customers through Café Twist!

One of our favorite parts about owning Café Twist has to be the constant customer interaction we get to have on a regular basis. It makes the work we put in every day completely worth it.

From the students who need a study spot to the grandparents out and about with their grandkids, it’s the stories and memories we get to watch forming that make us the happiest at our job. We truly believe in the sentiment that if you love what you do, your job is never work, and well, we couldn’t agree more.

With our Groupon and Living Social deals still available for redemption, we are loving all the new faces we see at our Café Twist recently!  If you haven’t come by to redeem yours yet, we hope when you do, you’ll tell us how you enjoyed your experience. Our goal is always to make each and every customer’s Café Twist experience a memorable one, so we hope while you’re here, you relax, enjoy your food, and never hesitate to come to us with any questions or concerns you might have.

We feel very lucky we get to reach out to our customers in more than one way. While most companies featured in grocery stores can only go off of their customer service hotline and facebook page, we get the opportunity to sit down and meet our customers face to face each and every time they walk into our Café Twist! These personal touches are what make our job all the more meaningful and we hope that sentiment comes through to our fans!

Next time you are in our neighborhood, we encourage you to stop by. We would love to meet you!

Nut-Free Facilities Becoming More and More of a Necessity

This past December, a 7th grade girl in the Chicago area died from ingesting a lunch at school she thought was made in a nut-free facility. The peanut oil used in her Chinese food caused her to go into anaphylactic shock where she was then immediately rushed to the hospital.
With the prevalence of food allergies increasing rapidly, nut-free facilities are slowly but surely becoming a much-needed staple for food manufacturers everywhere. Not only are peanut allergies extremely common, they have also been known to have some of the most severe reactions possible including dangerous breathing complications and reactions affecting multiple areas of the body.

All of our gourmet pretzels are made in a dedicated nut-free facility.

This incredibly sad story and the staggering statistics attached to this important issue only strengthens our commitment here at Kim and Scott’s to making all of our gourmet pretzels in a dedicated nut-free facility. We always want to make our pretzels as available as possible to those who love them, so by baking in a nut-free facility, we are able to provide the 3 million+ Americans suffering with peanut allergies, a safe and nutritional snack.
We hope our nut-free facility helps keep gourmet pretzels in the running for all those consumers out there struggling with food allergies who are searching to find a delicious and safe snack to enjoy. We know it may seem like no company out there thinks about people with food sensitivities, but there are a few of them out there and we are proud to say we are one of them!

Twist Up Your Superbowl!

With the Superbowl less than a month away, it seems only natural to start planning for what has to be one of the largest snacking events of the season! Did we say snacking? Of course we meant sporting. But now that snacking has been mentioned, we should probably point out that our gourmet pretzels serve as a very tasty alternative to the greasy norms that usually crowd those Superbowl snack tables. This year, we say, try something new!

We’ve also started to notice our Superbowl parties always tend to land right around the time we really begin to hit our solid New Year’s resolution stride! The minute our morning workouts and protein shakes for lunch become bearable, in comes the chips and dip to completely ruin the last 3 weeks of our life. We want you to know that we feel your pain, and that’s why this year, we are ready for a change!

We encourage you to try out our pretzels as your sustenance of choice this Superbowl season.  From our delicious Cheddar Jalapeno to our savory Pizza Pretzel, we’ve got a flavor for everyone made with ingredients our trainer would approve of!

Whether you decide to throw one of our delicious pretzels on the grill, or twist them up for endless dipping possibilities, they are a great snack to have around during football mania.

Now maybe it’s just us, but we tend to think of Superbowl season as a time of sharing, and as always, we want to hear from you, pretzel fans. What Superbowl recipes are you going to try out this year?

If you think of yourself as a recipe maven, we’d love to hear all your creative ways to twist up our pretzels into savory Superbowl treats! Let us know and you may be featured on our facebook wall for our Superbowl recipe of the week!

We can’t wait to hear all the twists you take on our classic gourmet pretzels! Alright, well I think it’s time for us to grab a snack. All this Superbowl party talk really has us jonesing for one of our delicious pretzels!

Talk soon, pretzel people!

And The Winner Is…

Happy Tuesday, pretzel fans! The time has come for us to announce the winner of the name game contest for our new bite-sized pretzel treats available soon at our Café Twist in Lincoln Park!

Before we reveal which name you voted for the most, we wanted to give everyone who participated a huge round of e-pplause! As bloggers, this is really the only form of encouragement we have to go on so we hope it still counts! 🙂 We can’t tell you how much fun we had reading your posts and watching anxiously as the numbers for each name grew!

It was an extremely close race between Pretzel Pop-ems and PretzO’s but at the end of the day (drumroll please) our our pretzel fans have decided.


Thanks to everyone who participated. We are now fueled with the information we needed to take the next steps and we couldn’t have done it without you! We always aim to create customer-centric products, and as always, your opinions are what matter to us most, pretzel fans. Here is a breakdown on the name game race. We couldn’t believe how close it got at the very end!

Now that we know what a great help all of you are, we hope you’ll stay tuned in to our blog as we continue the next phases of our bite-sized pretzel production! We could really use the help of all of our wonderful fans as we move forward with this new and exciting product!