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Twisted Super Bowl Snacking Ideas


We’d love to share a few game day twists that will be winning touchdown with your family and friends.  Sports fans LOVE pretzels, and to put an even bigger, or dare we say, “super” twist on your Super Bowl snacks and meal, try making Pretzel Sandwiches! You can add your favorite meat or veggies to any of our savory pretzels flavors- stuffed or classic!  

Our pretzels are also perfectly heated on the GRILL!  All the Grill Masters out there would love that idea- and if the pretzels are all ready defrosted, your Grill Master won’t have to stay outside long at all, unless there’s a tailgate going on. 

Don’t forget you can buy our pretzels at many grocery stores in the frozen aisle.  You can visit our website to find those that carry Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels.  You can also click on the link below to buy pretzels online and check out our Tailgate Sampler, which is at 10% off for the special occasion.  

We are thrilled to be able to bring all-natural and healthier options to the table with lots of twisted fun!



Kim & Scott at the Presidential Inauguration


We are here at the inauguration of our most exciting President, Barack Obama! We are so moved by the sense of unity, camaraderie, hope and overall positive energy.  We share in the enthusiasm and hope for change that leads us to a greater peace.

To view some of our other photos, click on our Flickr link on the right column.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day through Pretzels with a Purpose!

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, and as we live “Pretzels with a Purpose” we thought about a great way to honor this important day.  Yesterday, Kim & Scott’s employees gathered and donated over a thousand of our Stuffed Pretzels to the Northern Illinois Foodbank. The Northern Illinois Foodbank not only gives back to the community to fight hunger, but is on a mission to end hunger. We are so excited to continue to find ways to give back to our world community as a part of “Pretzels with a Purpose”.

Twisted Tees!

Our Creative Team has been designing new and innovative T-Shirts in efforts to spice up our image with today’s exciting styles. We are looking for your creative input! Below are some of our latest and greatest designs. Ask yourself these questions as you vote on your favorites…..

1. Which designs would I likely wear?

2. Which designs would I likely buy for a friend or family member?

3. Which designs are more child-oriented, adult-oriented, or are good for both kids and adults?

4. Do you have any additional comments or feedback? Simply reply with a comment to this posting.

Slogan Twisting Cafe

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Pretzel Power

Pretzels with a Purpose

Yoga Girl

Get Twisted

Pretzels for Peace

Twisted Path

We are out to please you! So your vote is very valuable- Now Get TWISTED with TEES!