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The Power of Pretzel Girl!

At Kim and Scott’s, we are always brainstorming new ways to twist things up! From our unique pretzel flavorings to the promotional events at our café, we are always ready to try something new!

Because of this philosophy, it only made sense that we look into alternative ways to share our delicious pretzels! To bring our pretzel power to as many customers as possible, we enlisted the help of Pretzel Girl.

Our newest addition to the team, PG, became a necessity when we realized that it really isn’t fair to make our valued customers wait until their local grocer opens to satisfy a stuffed pretzel craving, or wait until the Café opens the next morning! With Pretzel Girl’s help, we made the trek to several late night hangout spots to see if we could put an end to the after-dark pretzel cravings!

Our first attempt was an interesting experience to say the least, and gave us significantly more insight into after-hours pretzel sales. We thought we were providing a great service to America, well at least those late-night bar patrons along Lincoln Ave. in Chicago. But after being asked to leave one bar area (no sense of humor), and then another (guess we were eating into their food sales), one of Chicago’s finest came along and told us pretzel time was over. So it is back to the drawing board. We want to continue Pretzel Girl’s endeavors, and we are looking at new (and legal) ways to share our Pretzel Power with the masses. Once we learn the ropes, we believe late night pretzel cravings will be a thing of the past!

Our 2nd attempt was a bit smoother. PG was swarmed by high school students at Lincoln Park High in Chicago, and she sold out in 10 minutes. The Power of Pretzels is not being wasted on today’s youth.

Watch for Pretzel Girl in your neighborhood. She is out to fight late night cravings (and daytime cravings too, for that matter), one growling stomach at a time.


Café Twist: The New Corner Soda Shop?

At our Café Twist, our innovative, fresh Pretzel and Sandwich (and a whole lot more) Café, we know how important a good hang out spot is, and we believe everyone should have that place they can just go to relax. Whether it’s to meet up with friends for lunch, take a break from studying, or even bring the grandkids for a nice afternoon out, we love that we are becoming the meeting place of choice.

With our recent addition of FREE WiFi, and our great friendly staff, our goal for Café Twist is to always make sure everyone feels welcome to stay, and when we see our efforts working, we can’t help but share!

This week we had the pleasure of meeting two DePaul students, Lauren and John, who shared with us that they have been to our café for lunch three times this week!  We always love to see familiar faces and to receive feedback on how we can make our café even more inviting.

We want to be the 2010 version of the corner soda shop for people of all ages. Whether it is the hard working medical professionals at Children’s Memorial, families from around the neighborhood, our local school teachers and students, or our DePaul students, we hope everyone feels at home at Café Twist. With promotions happening all the time, we hope the Café will be the spot for you.

The Nature of Our Business!

Here at Kim and Scott’s, we always try our best to add a natural twist to our business. From the ingredients in our pretzel creations, to our newest environmental commitment, to the world community — the Twisted Green Mission!

We started to realize that not only could we put a natural spin on our menu selection, but we could also help make our environment a better place today and for future generations. As a company, we have pledged to communicate openly about our environmental and social practices, and demand the same commitment from our suppliers and subcontractors.

To go along with this pledge, we are proud to partner with Trees for The Future, an organization that has been helping communities around the world plant trees since 1989. Through seed distribution, agroforestry training, and programs tailored specifically to each country, Trees for the Future has empowered rural groups to restore tree cover to lands all over the world, specifically Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Their philosophy remains that planting trees not only protects the environment, but also helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for future generations.

We received such positive feedback from the launch of our “Green Twist Program” on April 1, 2008, that it really encouraged us to continue our eco-friendly efforts. We are currently running a limited-time program that commenced September 1, 2010. We are dedicated to planting one new tree for each new Facebook fan or Twitter follower of Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, the best soft pretzel available in your grocer’s freezer case.

We are very excited to explore this new environmental endeavor, and we hope you can join us along the way! We can’t wait to get your feedback. Please ask your friends to follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook so we can plant a forest of trees over the next few months.

For more information on how you can participate, visit

Is Our Solution To Unemployment So Twisted?

We were watching the news the other day, and it got us thinking.

The news report was about the unemployment situation in America today. Unemployment hit 9.6% in the month of August reflecting that 15 million people are out of a job. An additional 2.4 million people have stopped looking for a job, and therefore are “under the radar.” Finally, 9 million people are working part-time, but would prefer to work full time. In total, 26.4 million people in the US are looking to work. Wow!

As business owners, we are so grateful for the great employees that we currently have. Currently we are proud that we employ upwards of 90 people, and are approaching 100 employees in the very near future.

But we wish we could do more. With so many people unemployed, we wish we could hire hundreds of the great people who are looking for work. Yet we have to be realistic in the way that we run our business, and we have to make certain that we are profitable today, so we will be here tomorrow to continue to employ the 100 people that we have.

But here is an interesting statistic. There are 29.6 million small businesses (less than 500 employees in the US). If each person only committed to hiring one new person in 2011, everyone would be back to work and unemployment would be close to zero. Simple!

We are making that commitment at Kim & Scott’s. You have to ask yourself, if everyone would do the same, wouldn’t the country be better off?

The Good Fortune of Café Twist

We’re fortunate!

As a manufacturer of products that are sold in grocery stores and other retail outlets, we are always excited when we meet people who love our products. Yet, because of the nature of selling through retailers, this experience does not happen to us enough. We know people love our soft pretzels; we get their emails and phone calls daily. But we don’t get to see their smiling faces when they bite into one of our gourmet soft pretzels.

That’s not why we are fortunate. This is….

In May of this year, as many of your know, we opened the first Kim & Scott’s Café Twist. A café located in the heart of trendy Lincoln Park, a family-filled neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, Café Twist is a way for us to get closer to our customer, and share the delight as they (you) enjoy our unique sandwiches served on a gourmet soft pretzel, heated to perfection.

We love watching the faces, talking to the customers, listening to your ideas about new flavors, and understanding what makes you a Kim & Scott’s fan. It also gives us the great opportunity to listen to how we can be an even better company, offering better products, and serving as a better member of the community.

We love the Café because it allows us to be closer to you, our customer. We relish the opportunity to share our love of pretzels, and the Café is one of the ways in which we can establish a stronger shared bond between you and us.

The Café has had a great first 3 months, and yet we know we can be so much more. If you live in Chicago, stop in, say hi, and enjoy a truly unique experience. And if Chicago is on your travel plans, we are only 15 minutes north of downtown Chicago. Make sure you stop in for the most unique pretzel experience you’ve ever had.

And thanks for making Kim & Scott’s Café Twist a great, early success for us, in so many ways!