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Where in the world are those Kim and Scott’s pretzels?

Let’s face it, sometimes stepping foot in a grocery store can feel like a scene straight out of Alice and Wonderland. After a long day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do is go on the impossible scavenger hunt for new and fun snack items.

Our gourmet pretzels are indeed a treat, but do you know where to find them? We decided to investigate. It occurred to us that since sometimes our pretzels can be grouped into different food categories, depending on the flavor and store, it might be tough at times to find us in your grocer’s freezer. As we investigated further, it seems we are usually in one of two places. We are either grouped with the frozen breakfast items or the frozen snack foods like pizza, appetizers, etc. As always, we want to hear from you. Where have you seen us when you are grocery shopping?

Speaking of grocery stores, we’ve got another Kim and Scott’s demo coming up! We’ve had such a great response from the last few we’ve done that we couldn’t wait to participate again. If you live near the Lakeview Whole Foods Market on Halsted, we encourage you to stop by on November 6th from 4-7PM and meet some of the Kim and Scott’s gang while they hand out samples of our gourmet pretzels! We are looking forward to passing out a variety of flavors so that everyone can enjoy a tasty snack while they shop. With so many snack items to choose from, we understand it’s tough to figure out which one to purchase first, especially if you’ve never tried it before. That’s why we love putting together these demos! We know that once you try our delicious pretzel sample, you’ll have no worries on your way to the register. We will have a full supply ready to go for everyone to enjoy, and we hope to see you there!

While sampling is fun, we know saving is always better. In addition to our Kim and Scott’s demos, we are also offering a $1.00 off coupon on our Facebook “Coupons!” tab and our web site for everyone to redeem during their next shopping trip. We want all of our pretzel fans to sample, save and enjoy our tasty gourmet treats!

Click here or on the coupon above to save $1.00 0n your next purchase! For more information on our upcoming demo and coupon information, visit our Facebook page and be sure to tell us where you spot our yummy pretzels the next time you head to the grocery store!


Living Social at Café Twist!

Yesterday was somewhat of a monumental experience for all of us here at Kim and Scott’s. We embarked on a new and somewhat unknown marketing journey and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results. With such a great following from our Living Social promotion yesterday for our Café Twist, of course we had to share our experience with all of you the minute our deal was over with!

As a brand, we are always very excited to try out new marketing strategies that reach people in different ways. We want to continue participating in creative marketing adventures because, as a company, we understand everyone responds to our brand in a different way and through a different outlet. That’s what makes brainstorming for new marketing strategies so much fun!

We were really pleased at the response we received through our Living Social campaign on Monday. At  9:30 AM, we had already received over 250 purchases, and as we write this at 11:30 pm, we have over 850 people who have chosen to purchase our offer!  It really opened our eyes to marketing with promotions of this nature, and how it can affect an online community. We are excited, as a company, to explore how these deals work and even more excited, as a company, to learn how these responses lead to the next marketing level.

Our goal, although perhaps traditional, has always been the same. We want as many people as possible enjoying our pretzels as much as we do, and by targeting our consumers through Living Social, not only were we able to track a day’s worth of success, but we were also able to give our customers a great deal for their next upcoming trip to Café Twist!

With such positive feedback, we are eager to interact with all of our Living Social participants to see if they enjoyed our deal and what changes they would make so that we are always moving forward.

We look forward to introducing the Kim and Scott’s brand to other wonderful marketing outlets much like Living Social. As always, the most important part in all of this is our customer’s response. Let us know how you enjoyed the deal and where you’d like to see us next on our facebook page!

Fall is Here. Time to Start Twist-gating!

If you live in Chicago, you know we don’t always get the best deal when it comes to our weather. Our summers can be extremely hot, and most, if not all, of our winters are out of this world cold. It makes you wonder why anyone would want to live here! Well, what we Chicagoans get in return for these harsh climate conditions is a fall season to die for. The fall season in Chicago is what allows us to finally contend with other regions of the country for fantastic weather, and we try and take advantage of it from beginning to end! As the leaves start to change and the temperature starts to drop, we are mesmerized by the gorgeous weather and all the fun fall activities!

So now comes our confession. When fall strikes us, we have more than just pretzels on the mind…we can’t get enough of all that FOOTBALL too! So here comes the greatest question of all. How do we incorporate our passion for pretzels and football into the same great season?

With “twist-gating” of course! Okay, so maybe you haven’t heard this term before, but here at Kim and Scott’s, we are determined to spread the trend! We know sustenance is key when you are outside watching football all day, so why not throw one of our delicious gourmet stuffed pretzels, with a warm ooey-gooey center, on the grill to go along with your favorite beverage? We have flavors for every occasion and every football team! Cheddar Jalapeno for all you Badger fans! Our Pizza Pretzel for any and all of our Chicago, IL teams! And of course, we couldn’t leave out our limited-edition Pumpkin Cheesecake Pretzel for anything and everything fall.

So next time you start up the grill for one of your favorite teams, we highly recommend twisting up your regular tailgating routine with one of delicious gourmet pretzels. It’s a healthier choice with a variety flavors perfect for everyone and every team!

To stock up for your next twist-gating party, check out all of our great pretzel selections on our web site at

Happy Fall and Happy Twist-gating!

Kim and Scott’s Twists up the FAAN Walk!

At Kim and Scott’s, we are huge supporters of allergy-friendly food solutions. From our nut-free bakery where we twist and bake all of our pretzels, to our gluten-free pretzel option that we currently offer at our café (and soon to be available in stores), we always try to ensure we have the right pretzel for every customer.

With all of our allergy-friendly options available, we love having the opportunity to meet new people who have never tasted our soft pretzels, as well as connect with those people who are already HUGE fans, especially all of those people who live with food allergies and/or food intolerances. How can a pretzel that tastes so great, be so safe and nutritious? That is our magic.

Because we always love to get feedback from the community, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in the 2010 Chicago FAAN Walk, happening right in our backyard in Lincoln Park.

This past weekend, we had a blast participating in the FAAN Walk in Lincoln Park, which is part of a series of walks that take place all over the country dedicated to raising awareness for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. We had wonderful Chicago weather and great support from all of the FAAN walkers. With over 1,000 people in attendance, our Kim and Scott’s gang gave away (in record time) all 600 Bavarian, Gluten-Free, and Grilled Cheese pretzels we hand twisted and baked for the event. It was great! We look forward to becoming a larger part of the FAAN initiative in 2011.

For more information on how to participate in upcoming FAAN Walks, visit their web site and head over to our facebook page to see photos from this weekend’s walk!

Twist Up Your Week with one of our Twisted Tales!

A great afternoon out with the kids is priceless, but finding new and creative activities can get to be a little challenging. One of the best parts about our job is that we get the chance to come up with new and fresh ways to entertain kids of all ages and their families when they step into our Café Twist. With several of us being parents, or aunts and uncles, we tried to come up with activities that we, ourselves, would enjoy participating in with our kids. After several brainstorm sessions, we are excited to introduce our newest weekday event, Twisted Tales at Café Twist! With the help of our Pretzel Professor and the rest of the Kim and Scott’s gang, we will put on a storytelling and pretzel twisting party every Monday at our very own Café Twist!

Starting this month, we are inviting kids of all ages and their families to come out to the café and add a twist to their typical weekday routine. Every Monday from 4pm-5pm, our Pretzel Professor will be reading a different Twisted Tale followed by pretzel twisting fun for the entire family!

Kids can twist, paint and decorate their very own twisted creations to either bake at our café, or take home to bake later. (There is nothing like twisting your own pretzel). All of our customers, who stop by during our Twisted Tale hours will receive a special pretzel twisting rate of $4.99.

To ensure a seat for our next Twisted Tales @ Café Twist, we encourage our customers to RSVP at: Or if you are in the area, just come on over; we’re sure we can squeeze you in! Our Café Twist is located at 2218 N. Lincoln Ave. (773) 281-3634.

We can’t wait to let the tales and twisting begin!