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Kim & Scott’s Pretzel cart is on the move….today at WONDER!

Our pretzel cart at Wonder!

One of my obsessions has been to get little pretzel carts and set them up on location to take us out into the action! Recently, we have been setting up carts at events, stores, schools for fundraisers, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, company parties, and more. Our latest pretzel cart, led by Pretzel Professor Stephen, just set up today at WONDER in Deerfield, an incredible, huge store/playground/activity center for families in Deerbrook Mall. He will be selling our all-natural, nut-free soft pretzels and drinks today and tomorrow. More on WONDER…If you are in the Chicago area, you should check this place out! Located at 250 S. Waukegan Road in Deerfield, IL. It’s loaded with everything you need for kids 0-9, plus they do lots of fun activities. Check out wonder.com for more details. If you have an event and want a unique twisted and delicious option, contact us about our cart program. It will be a big hit! We also do pretzel twisting carts! Happy Saturday! Kim


ParentsWork has chosen Cafe Twist as their party headquarters!

Cafe Twist, our pretzel sandwich cafe at 2218 N. Lincoln in Chicago, has the pleasure of hosting parties, celebrations, work gatherings and more. And on Dec. 3, 4-7 p.m., ParentsWork is coming into celebrate their organization’s 5th anniversary. We’re so excited ParentsWork has chosen Cafe Twist as their party headquarters…they have a lot to celebrate. Here’s some info about the group and if you’re interested in learning more and celebrating with them on Dec. 3, please see the link below to register.

With so many mothers in the paid labor force, more two-income households and more single parents raising children, schools and workplaces need to keep up with today’s families. ParentsWork is a nonprofit Illinois parents’ organization that advocates for innovative solutions to ensure that everyone raising children has the time, resources and support they need to be successful in work and family life.

Since its start in 2006, the group has grown a grassroots network of nearly 800 parents from across the metropolitan Chicago area that have been tackling issues like the need for paid sick days and better school schedules. Most notable has been its pioneering campaign for a more “family-friendly” calendar in Evanston-Skokie School District 65, which led to a reduction in the number of days students are off or released early and helped demonstrate how parents can be a powerful catalyst for positive change.

To celebrate these accomplishments and its 5th birthday, ParentsWork will be hosting an open house gathering on Saturday, December 3rd from 4-7 PM at Café Twist. Click here for more information and to register.

Thank you Lewis Carroll!

This is one of my favorite quotes, and I love reading it to start the day.

Part of being an entrepreneur is the passion, joy, and obsession of making a dream into a reality. In my world, it was the dream of taking the old plain pretzel and transforming it into delicious “healthier for you” anytime meals. Plenty of people told us we were crazy along the way…but we continued to see possibility. I’m so grateful that we kept going.

In building a dream…you have to move through a lot of walls with no doors to do so. You have to find your opening, or knock it down. You have to really believe the impossible is possible…even when everyone is telling you otherwise. It takes such strength, determination and belief in what you’re doing.

So keep believing in your dreams….and know that there are actually great possibilities in what others might call “impossible.”

Read the labels on your food packaging!

Our all natural ingredients!

I went to an event last night where Gary Hirschberg, Founder and CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farms Organics spoke about his company’s mission for a healthier planet. He was a TOTAL inspiration. He is authentic and passionate about making a difference, and he cares so much about using the healthiest, all-natural o ingredients in his products.

As a small but growing company, we at Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels have had a passion for this issue right from the start. It’s easy to cut corners, use lower quality ingredients and save money. But it’s our intention and commitment to use the highest quality ingredients that are all-natural and nut-free.

The ingredients for a competitor's pretzel

You can walk down the frozen isle and see how many of the big companies have compromised quality for the money. Their labels have loads of ingredients that you can’t understand what they are. They also have the big ad budgets to promote their products to you.

As a mom with little kids, I want healthy snacks I can have easily accessible for those crazy times when we are on the move. I’m also way into being allergy aware. I have kids over often who have serious nut-allergies, and I want to be sensitive to the issue and have treats for them too, along with dairy-free options, and gluten free. These needs drive my intentions with our soft pretzels. From our gluten free soft pretzel, to our commitment to being nut-free, we want to provide a soft pretzel option for all.

We also are always thinking about how we can make our products healthier, better for you. We’re working on organic options, and our new EMPOWERED pretzels line, energized with vitamins, flax, and other nutrients.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have. Happy Thursday. We call it Thankful Thursday. Lots of thanks to you all for your support along the way…

Twisting a Difference…One Pink Ribbon Pretzel at a Time

It’s very moving to see all the breast cancer ribbon products out in the world….with many companies and individuals joining together to raise funds for breast cancer research. And we all have been touched personally, in some way, by breast cancer. My mom survived breast cancer, my aunt, and my grandmother. But this past April…my very dear friend, Lori Phillips, passed away at 48 years old from breast cancer that spread with a vengeance. It was a devastating loss that took an amazing, beautiful, brilliant woman from us way too soon….a wife, daughter, mom, and champion of courage. So this year, our breast cancer ribbon pretzels take on even more meaning as we raise funds for breast cancer research.

As a mom of two daughters, my greatest hope is that we can find a cure so that breast cancer will be a disease of the past when they are grown women.

You can find our stuffed all-natural, nut-free cinnamon ribbon pretzels on-line at www.kimandscotts.com or at our café, Kim & Scott’s Café TWIST, in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Come twist a difference with us…