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Providing Full Stomachs to Full Minds

Last Monday, Kim & Scott’s was invited to be involved in the FCC public hearing held at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.  We kept the group energized at the event by providing our hearty and healthy pretzels for everyone to enjoy.  We even got a shout-out during the first panel by CBeyond’s CEO, James Geiger and the crowd had quite a positive vocal reaction to our pretzels’ being mentioned (he referred to us as a “local favorite”)!  It was really great to see all the local, state, and national officials happily munching our products and returning for seconds!  See and hear our mention around 34:40 in the video linked below:


Make-A-Messterpiece with Kim & Scott’s

Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels is bringing its famous Twist-n-Tops to Make-A-Messterpiece, the new children’s activity center in Glenview’s Glen Town Center.   Make-A-Messterpiece is new on the scene and kids are loving it!  Kim & Scott’s is taking over the MAM kitchen this week where kids will learn to twist and decorate their own pretzels to make them their very own.  Talk about kid empowerment!

Make-A-Messterpiece is located at the Glen Town Center, 2050 Town Dr., Glenview (for more info, call 847-737-1487).

Happy Holidays from your friends at Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels!

Twisting Together Pretzels For Peace With Our Fan Page

Attention Facebook Fans!  Just a friendly notice to all of our loving and caring group Pretzels for Peace group members that we will soon be combining out Pretzels for Peace group with our Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels fan page. We decided to do this, as we have more causes, like Pretzel Power and Green Twist, and thought we’d provide one destination location for all our great news and efforts. If you are not already a fan, we invite you to become one at: today!

Thank you and Peace.

Kim & Scott Feature on Oy!Chicago

A special thanks to our friends at Oy!Chicago for their recent spotlight on our loveable founders, Kim & Scott Holstein. Oy!Chicago states they’re a place “For the socially conscious, intellectually curious, & community-minded Chicagoan.” This extensive, savvy website is home to articles, blog posts, event listings and ongoing discussions about everything relating to Jewish life and beyond. In the feature titled 8 Questions for Kim and Scott Holstein, Pretzel Makers, Partners 24-7, Do-Gooders, learn everything from what’s on Kim’s ipod to what Scott wanted to be when he grew up!

Click here to see the full profile on our very own Kim & Scott!

Kim & Scott Sit Down with Mayor Daley

Yesterday, Kim and Scott attended an Economic Round Table with Mayor Daley and participated in the press conference that followed.  Chicago’s Mayor is announcing a new incentive to create jobs in the Chicagoland area.  He is proposing to waive the employee “head tax” on businesses, hoping that will inspire companies in the city to hire more employees. There were other ideas discussed that came out of the round table with area business entrepreneurs, invited due to the growth in creating new jobs that new and growing businesses can bring and effect jobs and the economy.  Kim address the press with our story and the importance of acting purposeful.  “We have to watch every dollar that we spend. We’re constantly looking at that, trying to build our revenues, and then hire more people so we can grow our business,” Kim stated. Currently, Chicago businesses pay $4 per employee each month. The mayor’s proposal comes as the Obama administration also seeks to jump-start the job market.  This is of great importance to us as Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels employees nearly 100 people to hand craft their pretzels.  Not to mention, we’re looking to employee even more Chicagoans with the opening of our newest Twisted Cafe this Spring.  “They’re made with love and they’re hand twisted. You can tell…part of what goes into the decision about whether we automate or use people is the head tax. It’s basically a tax on having people to twist pretzels,” said Scott.  For information on the employee head tax and more on  Kim & Scott’s involvement, click here