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Summer Camp Lunches Get Twisted

Just as your thought you were through with coming up with creative lunch ideas for your child when school was over, now you have to come up with fun ideas for camp lunches! Ah, the joys of being a busy parent.

How about including your child’s favorite Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzel in their brown bag? Because our pretzels are fully baked, all you have to do is take them out of the freezer and pop them into their lunch! By the time it’s time to eat, the pretzel will be thawed and at room temperature. It’s healthy too! All of our pretzels are nut-free and all natural.

Instead of making a cheese sandwich, just throw in one of our grilled cheese stuffed pretzels. Or maybe your child really loves pizza! How about our stuffed pizza pretzel! Pair their favorite pretzel with an apple, veggies and ranch dip and call it a day.

Your children will come home thanking you because they had the lunch that was envied by all their friends.




Twisted Hanukah Lights!

It’s not your regular menorah….but why not add a twist to your Hanukah lights. In our house, we are pretty obsessed with pretzels. So we opted for the pretzel menorah this year….as an addition to our collection.

Hanukah is a holiday that can be celebrated by everyone…it’s really an eight day festival of lights that brings light into your life at the darkest time of the year. It’s also a celebration of miracles, from back when the oil left in the light of the temple lasted eight days instead of just one. It reminds us of all the miracles around us.

At this season of celebrating lights, we wish you all much light in the coming year.


A tasty treat that’s savory or sweet?? Celebrate Cyber-Monday with a TWIST!!!

If you’re trying to find a unique gift for your brother or aunt or co-worker or niece….consider a savory or sweet twisted treat with Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels! We’re so pumped about our new sampler, the HOLIDAY Twist! It includes 8-2packs of our most delicious savory and sweet pretzel flavors….grilled cheese, chocolate crumb, mozzarella pizza, cinnamon roll, cheddar jalapeno, apple cinnamon, spinach feta, and traditional bavarian. Check out our sampler packs!

Our 8 - 2-pack sampler

You can also send 8-2packs of your favorite flavor, like Chicago style mozzarella pizza for pizza fans, or Cheddar Jalapeno along with a microbrew for a great beer/pretzel gift idea….

And remember, all our soft pretzels are nut-free and all-natural, made with premium ingredients for an easy anytime snack or meal.

Go to kimandscotts.com to order online. Call 1-800-57-TWIST if you have any questions.

Are you done with the expected nuts or popcorn? Your family and friends will love this unique twist! Let us know what you think….
Happy Monday!

Read the labels on your food packaging!

Our all natural ingredients!

I went to an event last night where Gary Hirschberg, Founder and CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farms Organics spoke about his company’s mission for a healthier planet. He was a TOTAL inspiration. He is authentic and passionate about making a difference, and he cares so much about using the healthiest, all-natural o ingredients in his products.

As a small but growing company, we at Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels have had a passion for this issue right from the start. It’s easy to cut corners, use lower quality ingredients and save money. But it’s our intention and commitment to use the highest quality ingredients that are all-natural and nut-free.

The ingredients for a competitor's pretzel

You can walk down the frozen isle and see how many of the big companies have compromised quality for the money. Their labels have loads of ingredients that you can’t understand what they are. They also have the big ad budgets to promote their products to you.

As a mom with little kids, I want healthy snacks I can have easily accessible for those crazy times when we are on the move. I’m also way into being allergy aware. I have kids over often who have serious nut-allergies, and I want to be sensitive to the issue and have treats for them too, along with dairy-free options, and gluten free. These needs drive my intentions with our soft pretzels. From our gluten free soft pretzel, to our commitment to being nut-free, we want to provide a soft pretzel option for all.

We also are always thinking about how we can make our products healthier, better for you. We’re working on organic options, and our new EMPOWERED pretzels line, energized with vitamins, flax, and other nutrients.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have. Happy Thursday. We call it Thankful Thursday. Lots of thanks to you all for your support along the way…

Small Business and Social Media

Enjoying a Twist Your Own Pretzel experience at Cafe Twist!

At Kim & Scott’s we’ve seen first-hand how social media has connected our community of pretzel fans to our company. Now we’re sharing our insights with other businesses.

On Tuesday, Sept. 27 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Cafe Twist, 2218 N. Lincoln Ave. the Women’s Business Development Center of Chicago and Kim & Scott’s will host the first of three-part series on social media and what it can do for small businesses.

When you connect with the people who love your company, there’s no limit to the results you can achieve. Here’s a few random examples of the fun, inspirational, and resourceful things we’ve learned about our fans:

Soft pretzels were at the top of Jordan’s “last meal” list when she found out she had to go gluten-free. But when she found our gluten free pretzels she literally started to cry.

Our fans are very willing to help us bring our products to their local stores.

Michelle wants us to make a coconut, pineapple & almond pretzel.

Our fans really know how to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

We learned that Amanda has dreams about pretzels and  Chinese food.

Our gluten free pretzel provided a priceless moment for Monica’s celiac diagnosed son.

We’d like to invite you all to attend our seminar. Please RSVP to Julie@kimandscotts.com The cost is $30 with a reservation or $35 at the door. The event will include appetizers, networking and social media experts who will share tips and client success stories.

We hope to see you there!