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More Trees Please!

As you may know Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels has extended its “Green Twist Program,” and continues to plant a tree with “Trees For the Future,” for each new entry to the Kim & Scott’s Pretzel Club. Membership continues to grow, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with this great organization! To date we have planted 1,468 trees. Wow!

Encourage your friends and family to sign up today and make a big impact on our world environment! Click here to Join Our Pretzel Club.

For more information on “Trees for the Future,” please visit


Twisted Savings Account For Kids: It’s Fun & Important To Save

Twisted Savings

Twisted Savings

We are really having some fun with a Pretzel Power effort with our Kim & Scott’s Twisting Cafe in the greater Chicagoland area and American Chartered Bank.  We really believe in empowering children and that educating them brings empowerment.  We are currently trying to help American Charted Bank teach the importance of saving, by offering a “Twisted Savings Account” for children. It’s fun, because when a child opens an account, they get a “Pretzel Dough” card that can be used at our Cafe, and a free piggy bank.  The bank also matches the child’s first 3 deposits up to $5. We belive that this is such a great idea, as it gives parents a great activity and forum to discuss the importance of saving money with their child.  We’d love to hear from parents on the topic!

New flavors

Kim and I and our R&D team are sitting here at Kim and Scott’s pretzel HQ wondering whether people will like a chocolate banana stuffed pretzel …What d’ya think?

Ode To The Pretzel And Kim & Scott’s Twisting Cafe

Kim & Scott's Pretzel Bakery & Twisting Cafe

For all you who might be familiar with our Pretzel Bakery & Twisting Cafe at the Kohl Children’s Museum of greater Chicagoland, and those of you who may not be familiar, but love all things naturally twisted, we wanted to share a review posted on Yelp.  Artist Giselle S. wrote a wonderful review– a wonderfully creative review that touched us.  We are inspired by Giselle’s words and by her Phia Photography blog, capturing life’s emotions through the lens and adding her voice to each image.  Below is her poem, a link to Yelp’s Twisting Cafe feature, and a link to Giselle’s Phia Photography blog entry siting the Cafe.  We believe you’ll enjoy learning more about our Twisting Cafe, inspiring the kid in all of us, as well as Giselle’s blog, which is both touching and inspiring.

Ode to the Pretzel, by Giselle S.

Ye pretzel! Sweet and savory choices abound
Cheddar Jalapeno to my liking I have found
Pizza and Grilled cheese varieties on the list
Traditional Bavarian comes with a twist

Four thirty in the afternoon and the shop will soon close
Five minutes more to explore what the museum shows
Visions of Warm and tasty treats await
What flavors will we choose to sit on our plate?

Q for Buy one Get one Free found in the Guide
Rules for sharing and no double dipping will abide
A yummy experience we will never forget
Let us finish Now for it is  time to jet!


Phia Photography (

ENJOY! And, thank you, Giselle!

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