We’re Blog Happy!

We know blogging doesn’t come off as a real stressful job, but we want you to know we take this gig very seriously! It is our job to always keep our pretzel fans in the loop, and to do so while also trying to rhyme our titles with pretzel?! Well it has us just exhausted….
Of course we only kid. We know there isn’t another word out there that rhymes with pretzel. However, no matter the rhyme challenges, we simply love blogging for the Kim and Scott’s team, and we figure since we love it so much, we might as well blog about it too.

We see our blog as a way to speak to our fans.

Now, some people may not understand where this deep love comes from, so as your blogger of choice, allow me to explain. The purpose of our blog is more than just company updates and pretty pictures. This blog gives us the opportunity to speak to our fans like human beings, like real people, and in the world of touch screen phones, wireless internet and immediate results, sometimes we lose that. That real person thing.
So that is what this blog is to us, it’s real. This is not an automated voice over, or a 1-800 number. This is our company talking directly to you, our fans, and the best part about this whole thing is that our fans have the ability to talk back! We are able to link up our facebook and review comments so that we hear the real thing, and so that we can use it the next time we have a new product in the works, or a promotion we want to try. It all goes back to you, and that is why our blog is so precious to us! Because it keeps us in touch with all of you. Plus, we never really could pull off the robot voice that most automated messages go for.
We hope you all enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it. As always, stay tuned pretzel fans! We’ve got so much more in the works and it’s coming your way soon!


One response to “We’re Blog Happy!

  1. This comment is from a consumer from the midwest….
    Some rural residents have the mindset/longings for city life but have no access except through virtual means. I love Kim and Scott’s pretzels and was excited to discover that our local grocer had that product in the freezer section. Alas, it was just one offering…apple/cinnamon. That is all we get. I long for an opportunity to purchase a variety/sampler pack. Loved, loved, LOVED the mini sampler that was offered a couple of years ago. I can drive 200 miles to the nearest “city”, but then only get the opportunity to choose among three varieties (box of four). Please have pity on us who have no other access than the internet to purchase your product. I would really like to have the option to choose my own variety pack.

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