Monthly Archives: August 2010

There’s a New Twisted Person in Town!

Hi everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joel, and I am one of the new bloggers who will be sharing part of my “life in pretzels” with you. I’m one of the new kids on the block working with Kim & Scott, and as part of my responsibility, I will be spearheading the communication with you, our loyal fans and customers.

You will notice that we haven’t blogged in about a month. We apologize about that, but we felt we needed to take a step back, evaluate the way that we were engaging with you, and then make some changes for the better.

Here is what you can expect as we embark on our enhanced communication strategy. The purpose of this blog will be less about us announcing things to you, and more about our daily lives as it relates to producing the absolute best-tasting gourmet pretzels in the world (okay, so I never said we wouldn’t boast a bit. I just said we would tone down the announcements). We believe that blogs should be a window into the inner workings of the Company, and it is with this in mind that we will be sharing our stories with you.

Some days we will invite guest bloggers from within the Company. It will give you, our reader, the chance to hear what it is like to twist pretzels, create the great-tasting delicious filling, pack the boxes for shipping, work the trade shows, sample the product, create the packaging, etc. Some days, you will hear from me, and I will share what is happening on the Marketing side of things, and what new exciting things you can expect. And on those special days, we will invite Kim and/or Scott to share their personal insights as to what is happening in their daily work lives. They have such great stories to share. How cool are their jobs!

Suffice it to say, we really look forward to having this dialogue with you, and sharing everything you might want to know as we harness the Power of Pretzels.

Stay tuned! Exciting things are happening, and we can’t wait to share our working life stories with you.