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May 24, 2007

chocolate crumb


Today we had an all-day leadership team workshop, and it was inspiring. We’ve been working with a consultant, Peg, who specializes in helping companies build leadership teams. For a great deal of the workshop, we focused on developing our team values, and we had one of those powerful, almost eery moments. We had finished the team values, and when we went to look at the already established company values, they were very similar.


It’s Our Birthday!

Our company turned 12 years old today. It has been such a full adventure of so many experiences and learnings. I love what we do, and I love the people we work with. The food business is an interesting industry, filled with passionate entrepreneurs. After 12 years, we still love to eat pretzels and can’t get them out of our heads. Happy birthday dear pretzel bakery.Love,Kim

April 30, 2007

We’ve been wanting to start a blog to share our twisted adventures, and today was a perfect day to begin…It was a completely unusual day for Scott and me. We awoke at 4:30am and caught a 6am flight for NYC. I stayed up way too late getting the kids’ plans for the day all set up. In the morning, it was rough waking up. But we made it. Our big adventure was to head over to the CNBC studios and be taped for Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea show. We had a total blast! Eileen, our pr consultant, met us at the studio, and we had lots of time to hang out. There were several interesting entrepreneurs in town for the same show, and we were lucky to get to know them. That’s one of our favorite things to do…meet other crazy people like ourselves whose minds won’t quit after they get an idea in it. It’s so fun to talk to them, connect and share experiences. When you have your own business, you put your heart and soul into it. It’s really like children. When you meet another proud parent, it’s exhilarating to catch up and “share.”We had never been on a talk show, but we LOVED it. It was great talking about the early days when we started, but it went so fast. We realized after the show that we never mentioned our website or any stores where the product is sold. We got a good laugh out of that, but it was hard to fit it all in. We really wanted to be genuine and speak from the heart.More later,Kim 

A Twist of Fate!


We met at a Chicago book signing by a wondrous author, Richard Bach. He writes books about soulmates and airplanes. We decided to fly high together inside a passionate pretzel business and nurture the universe with our inspired soft pretzels. Twisted by hand and baked from scratch, our unique soft pretzels make a wonderful snacks or meal anytime. Check us out at or call us ar 1-800-57-TWIST.

Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels