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Universal Children’s Day!


Today is Universal Children’s day and we are so excited to celebrate our most important resource, our children!

At Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels we hope to empower young people with our twisted pretzels. That’s why we created our “Pretzel Power” program. Here are a few examples of our Pretzel Power Program:

* We bring high-school students into our bakery to job shadow at different positions within our business. This is a non-paid internship opportunity where the student could receive school credit.

* We have partnered with the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center, providing paid internships for high school students striving to continue their education and become entrepreneurs.

* We are launching an “Express Yourself” Open Mic at the Twisting Café, where kids can share their talents and express themselves.

* Our Twist ‘N Top™ activity provides the perfect hands-on experience for kids to twist their very own pretzel creation.

Do you have any ideas to share to help empower the children in your life? We’d love to hear from you!


A Twist On Holiday Catering & Gift Giving

Tis the season to get a taste bud twist,

Good thing stuffed gourmet pretzels make unique gifts!

We also have some recommendations for you to see,

To take to or enjoy at your next holiday party.

So this year, be different and daring,

And get the twist that will get everyone enjoying and sharing!


Some of us were just talking about holiday shopping and special meal planning and party planning… Is it really that time of year, already?! We’ve learned to put a twist on it all, pun intended.  But seriously, we should share some ideas with you that will help make holiday catering easy and fun, but also make gift giving to those impossible people to buy for much easier.  

You would not believe how many adults and kids love soft, stuffed, gourmet pretzels.  You may think we are a little biased here, but our families and friends are all hooked!  We’ve brought them to parties to quickly heat and serve, put them out at our own parties, and made unique desserts out of them that people go nuts over.  Oh, and then there’s PretZiola sandwiches…

Twisted Desserts: Take a warm sweet pretzel, like our Pumpkin Cheesecake, and add a scoop of your favorite ice cream or whipped cream. This is a one of a kind dessert that is sure to twist taste buds. You will certainly be titled the Creative Dessert Guru this Holiday season!

PretZiola™ Sandwich: Take a savory pretzel flavor, like Sourdough Asiago, slice it down the middle, add all-natural turkey, lettuce, tomato, muenster & brown mustard mayo. And you have yourself a twisted Turkey . Yum!  This idea works so well with many of our pretzels.  The Savory Herb & Cream Cheese is an incredible pretzel to create a veggie PretZiola!  Cream Cheese is already in the pretzel, so all you have to add are your favorite veggies.

You can visit the Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels website to see some a new holiday sampler and a party pack that has an incredible variety. Additionally, these two samplers will be 10% off until 12/17.  (

Of course we’d love to hear some of your ideas for holiday catering and gourmet gift giving!  Luckily our friends and family are still pushing for pretzels, but it’s always nice to have lots of ideas!


A Kim & Scott’s QVC, QVC, QVC TWIST!


Wow, we are in the middle of 3 QVC shows this week.  It’s fun and exhausting, but a wonderful way to share some of our more limited time and unique twisted offerings.  We are featuring a variety of our bite sized pretzels that are great for all the upcoming holiday catering (can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner?!).

Our first show was at 4:00am EST this morning!  We were on QVC’s “Gourmet Holiday” with an Ultimate Party Pretzels Sampler.  It’s really an interesting sampler, including Pizza Bites, Cheddar Jalapeno Bites, Grilled Cheese Bites, Mixed Berry Bites, Cinnamon Roll Bites, and Cheesecake Bites.  This Thursday we will be featured on QVC’s “Gourmet Holiday” at 12am EST (that’s 11:00pm CST on Wednesday, November 13, 2008) and again at 3pm EST.  We have a unique 68 count Pizza and Grilled Cheese Sampler being featured during the late night/early morning hours, and a Pumpkin Cheesecake and Chocolate Cheesecake 60-Bite Sampler featured in the afternoon.  We go nuts at the office for these bite sized limited time flavors.  We have a lot of cheesecake fans and pumpkin fans!  Many of us are putting out these for appetizers on Thanksgiving.  They’re so easy, delicious and unique!