New Faces at Café Twist!

We feel very lucky to reach out to our customers through Café Twist!

One of our favorite parts about owning Café Twist has to be the constant customer interaction we get to have on a regular basis. It makes the work we put in every day completely worth it.

From the students who need a study spot to the grandparents out and about with their grandkids, it’s the stories and memories we get to watch forming that make us the happiest at our job. We truly believe in the sentiment that if you love what you do, your job is never work, and well, we couldn’t agree more.

With our Groupon and Living Social deals still available for redemption, we are loving all the new faces we see at our Café Twist recently!  If you haven’t come by to redeem yours yet, we hope when you do, you’ll tell us how you enjoyed your experience. Our goal is always to make each and every customer’s Café Twist experience a memorable one, so we hope while you’re here, you relax, enjoy your food, and never hesitate to come to us with any questions or concerns you might have.

We feel very lucky we get to reach out to our customers in more than one way. While most companies featured in grocery stores can only go off of their customer service hotline and facebook page, we get the opportunity to sit down and meet our customers face to face each and every time they walk into our Café Twist! These personal touches are what make our job all the more meaningful and we hope that sentiment comes through to our fans!

Next time you are in our neighborhood, we encourage you to stop by. We would love to meet you!


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