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BBQ Your Pretzels

Did you know that you can throw your Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels on the grill? Yes you can!

Twist up the flavor of your favorite pretzel by throwing it on the grill for a few minutes. Don’t take your eye off the pretzel because nothing is worse than a burnt pretzel!

Our all-natural pretzels are a great choice for your children. BBQ grilled cheese or pizza! Yummy! Serve their favorite pretzel with some grilled veggies or a salad!

Going the traditional way for dinner? Why not grill some of our sweet pretzels for dessert? Stock your freezer with Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon Roll and the Chocolate Crumb and each of your guests can have their own specialized dessert! Serve with vanilla ice cream, cheddar cheese, chocolate syrup or some whipped cream for a twisted treat.

If you serve your guests some Kim & Scott’s Gourmet pretzels straight from the grill, you’ll be the hit of the BBQ! Be safe! Happy Grilling!

Photo from MeatBasics101


Summer Camp Lunches Get Twisted

Just as your thought you were through with coming up with creative lunch ideas for your child when school was over, now you have to come up with fun ideas for camp lunches! Ah, the joys of being a busy parent.

How about including your child’s favorite Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzel in their brown bag? Because our pretzels are fully baked, all you have to do is take them out of the freezer and pop them into their lunch! By the time it’s time to eat, the pretzel will be thawed and at room temperature. It’s healthy too! All of our pretzels are nut-free and all natural.

Instead of making a cheese sandwich, just throw in one of our grilled cheese stuffed pretzels. Or maybe your child really loves pizza! How about our stuffed pizza pretzel! Pair their favorite pretzel with an apple, veggies and ranch dip and call it a day.

Your children will come home thanking you because they had the lunch that was envied by all their friends.



We’re Blog Happy!

We know blogging doesn’t come off as a real stressful job, but we want you to know we take this gig very seriously! It is our job to always keep our pretzel fans in the loop, and to do so while also trying to rhyme our titles with pretzel?! Well it has us just exhausted….
Of course we only kid. We know there isn’t another word out there that rhymes with pretzel. However, no matter the rhyme challenges, we simply love blogging for the Kim and Scott’s team, and we figure since we love it so much, we might as well blog about it too.

We see our blog as a way to speak to our fans.

Now, some people may not understand where this deep love comes from, so as your blogger of choice, allow me to explain. The purpose of our blog is more than just company updates and pretty pictures. This blog gives us the opportunity to speak to our fans like human beings, like real people, and in the world of touch screen phones, wireless internet and immediate results, sometimes we lose that. That real person thing.
So that is what this blog is to us, it’s real. This is not an automated voice over, or a 1-800 number. This is our company talking directly to you, our fans, and the best part about this whole thing is that our fans have the ability to talk back! We are able to link up our facebook and review comments so that we hear the real thing, and so that we can use it the next time we have a new product in the works, or a promotion we want to try. It all goes back to you, and that is why our blog is so precious to us! Because it keeps us in touch with all of you. Plus, we never really could pull off the robot voice that most automated messages go for.
We hope you all enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it. As always, stay tuned pretzel fans! We’ve got so much more in the works and it’s coming your way soon!


Twist Up Your Superbowl!

With the Superbowl less than a month away, it seems only natural to start planning for what has to be one of the largest snacking events of the season! Did we say snacking? Of course we meant sporting. But now that snacking has been mentioned, we should probably point out that our gourmet pretzels serve as a very tasty alternative to the greasy norms that usually crowd those Superbowl snack tables. This year, we say, try something new!

We’ve also started to notice our Superbowl parties always tend to land right around the time we really begin to hit our solid New Year’s resolution stride! The minute our morning workouts and protein shakes for lunch become bearable, in comes the chips and dip to completely ruin the last 3 weeks of our life. We want you to know that we feel your pain, and that’s why this year, we are ready for a change!

We encourage you to try out our pretzels as your sustenance of choice this Superbowl season.  From our delicious Cheddar Jalapeno to our savory Pizza Pretzel, we’ve got a flavor for everyone made with ingredients our trainer would approve of!

Whether you decide to throw one of our delicious pretzels on the grill, or twist them up for endless dipping possibilities, they are a great snack to have around during football mania.

Now maybe it’s just us, but we tend to think of Superbowl season as a time of sharing, and as always, we want to hear from you, pretzel fans. What Superbowl recipes are you going to try out this year?

If you think of yourself as a recipe maven, we’d love to hear all your creative ways to twist up our pretzels into savory Superbowl treats! Let us know and you may be featured on our facebook wall for our Superbowl recipe of the week!

We can’t wait to hear all the twists you take on our classic gourmet pretzels! Alright, well I think it’s time for us to grab a snack. All this Superbowl party talk really has us jonesing for one of our delicious pretzels!

Talk soon, pretzel people!

Food Safety Takes A Step in the Right Direction!

Today is a pretty important day in the world of food safety, pretzel fans! One of the biggest sweeping changes for the food industry in the last 200 years is starting to take place today, and as a manufacturer for high-quality snacks, we couldn’t think of a better blog topic!

Today, our government is set to sign a $1.4 billion overhaul of the food safety system, giving Washington new power to increase inspections at food processing facilities and forcing companies to recall tainted products.

This new cause for action by Congress came in response to several serious outbreaks of E. coli and salmonella poisoning in peanuts, eggs and produce in the past few years. Once passed, this law will bring food safety into the 21st century and will be the first major overhaul of the U.S. food safety system since the 1930s! This new way of thinking will require larger farms and food manufacturers to prepare detailed food safety plans and tell the FDA how they are striving to keep their food safe at different stages of production.

As a food manufacturer and strong believer in high-quality ingredients, all of us here at Kim and Scott’s are eager to see how this large change will affect not only the business around us but the food as well! We welcome the government’s goal to have the safest products for your friends and family on the supermarket shelves, and we are really happy to see a bill that follows so much of what we believe in as a company mantra. Hopefully this bill lays the foundation for higher standards in food production.

We are very excited to watch as this new bill progresses. It is great to see our government focus on issues we hold so close to our business and our hearts!