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We’re Planting Trees!


With all of our promotions and events, we have planted over 1,000 tress this month! Bringing our grand total to a whopping 3,379.

Thank you, and continue to “Get Twisted” with us!



Kim & Scott At Global Mayor’s Forum


Yesterday, Scott and I went to the Global Mayor’s Forum for leaders from around the world. It was an amazing event, very small (probably 100 people total) with 50 of them being mayors from around the world. This was part of a 3-day forum, bringing together leading global cities to share best practices and discussing the important role that they can play in contributing to a global economic recovery. Our company was one of a handful of small entrepreneurial businesses there, along with large corporations, the Crowns, the Pritzkers and other well-know and respected Chicagoans.

I actually walked in right when Mayor Daley was walking in and got to chat with him about our green bakery we plan to build! I also had the pleasure of sitting with Mayor Daley’s daughter, who has small kids. She wants to bring them to our bakery to twist pretzels! Also, we talked about her mother’s initiatives with education, who we will be talking to about a very exciting “Pretzel Dough” program we’re going to launch, empowering children to raise money for their school. It was such a positive experience and we were so honored to have been invited!


A Truly Twisted Day!

Yesterday we truly lived out Pretzels with a Purpose in celebration of National Pretzel Day. To kick off the day, Kim & Scott taught the news anchors on CBS Morning News how to twist pretzels. Then some of our Twisted Team members sported our new “Get Twisted” T-shirts and hosted a TWISTED Pretzel Day celebration at Whole Foods Lincoln Park. While many of our pretzel competitors were giving away free pretzels, we thought it would be even better if we took the opportunity to give back to the community. So we asked people to donate a can of non perishable food in exchange for a FREE hot pretzel! We stood at the entrance and handed out our gourmet dipped pretzel rods and a coupon to every person who came into the store. The event was a blast! We even had people visit us who watched Kim & Scott’s appearance on CBS that morning! The food was then donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository and we couldn’t be more proud of our pretzel fans who stepped up to donate!

Clink here to view the CBS Morning News clip in case you missed us!

Get twisted!

Here are some pictures from our Pretzel Day event at Whole Foods!


Happy National Pretzel Day!

pretzelgraphicandearth1National Pretzel Day is this Sunday the 26th and we have a lot going on! To kick off the morning – Kim and Scott will be on CBS Channel 2 Morning News twisting pretzels with the news anchors, so be sure to set those DVRs and tune in between 10 – 10:45. Later in the afternoon some of our Twisted Team members will be at Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, encouraging customers to donate canned food. Each person that brings us 1 can of non perishable food will get one warm, soft pretzel! We will be at the entrance of the store from 12-3 handing out coupons and pretzel rods to everyone who enters. We would love for you to join us if you live in the Chicagoland!

Celebrate this TWISTED Day with us and live Pretzels With A Purpose!

Pretzel Power: Empowering Kids at Kipp Ascend!


Kim & Scott with students from Kipp Ascend

Kim & Scott with students from Kipp Ascend

As part of our Pretzel Power initiative to empower kids, Kim and Scott were just speaking at KIPP Ascend Charter School, a tuition-free, college prep middle school offering free education to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to succeed, and have a positive impact on their communities. At KIPP Ascend, students “climb the mountain” to college! 

We’ve partnered with Kipp and visited their classrooms several times, and have loved being part of their team.  It’s very inspiring to us and we see so much potential in these wonderful young minds! They hunger for cultural enrichment to broaden their perspective. We talk about how we live “Pretzels with a Purpose” and make a difference in our world community.  

And to all of our twisted loyal readers, you may recall the “Twisted Tips” we shared with a wonderful class not to long ago to help find inspiration and be empowered to realize your dreams.  Check out our former blog in the archives, “Teach For America With A Twist” for our twisted tips that you can share with your kids and others!