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Tailgating, Fantasy Football, Flag Football, and…FOOD!

It’s the season….from flag football to NCAA college games and the NFL….we are in full swing with football. And one of my favorite parts of football season is the parties! We have to cheer our teams on, and enjoy getting together for some fun…. and great food!

Last season, Kim & Scott's was party of the city's wager with Green Bay when the Bears played the Packers in the NFC Championship game

I’ve been hearing from people who serve our soft pretzels at parties they’re throwing, and it’s great to know how easy and popular the pretzels are. Since they’re fully baked, you just warm them up, and serve on a platter. Check out all the different mustards, sweet and savory dips. I like to arrange a whole dip bar for twists ‘n dips. You can also take the pretzels, cut them in half, and make a sandwich platter. Scott loves microbrews for the finishing touch…

And we can’t forget about tailgating! The coolest thing is that our pretzels can be warmed up on the grill. One guy told me he took the pretzels for a tailgating party, and warmed up the grilled cheese and pizza right there in the middle of the parking lot action. It’s something different….to add a twist to your tailgating or any party… Send me some grilling pictures from your tailgating bash!


Pumpkin cheesecake pretzels & fresh hot apple cider

Hey all you pumpkin lovers out there….don’t you love this time of the year where there is pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, and how about pumpkin cheesecake pretzels!?! We made our annual batch of pumpkin cheesecake pretzels, and it’s perfect with hot apple cider. It’s a sweet dough, stuffed with a homemade pumpkin cream cheese filling, and then topped with a vanilla crumb topping and white icing. We love making special seasonal flavors, and our minds are always thinking of new flavors and recipes for our unique twists. I’m also obsessing about the upcoming holiday ideas….eggnog pretzels? cranberry crumb? chocolate peppermint? gingerbread pretzels? hmmmm…send me your ideas!

Our Café Twist (2218 North Lincoln Ave in Chicago’s Lincoln Park) just got the pumpkin cheesecake pretzels in. So you can head over there, or if you are in another city around the country, you can order them online at

The café also has caramel apple pie pretzels….warm caramel sauce on top of a cinnamon apple pie stuffed pretzel….great with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt. And don’t forget the hot apple cider…

Let me know what you think.

A Twist to your Trick-or Treating….

Less than one week until Halloween! It’s truly one of my favorite times of the year. I love the excitement my kids have for dressing up and going out for the big candy fest. I always used to have the dilemma of buying the candy so early that I ate it all before it was Halloween. I would hide it, and keep going into the stash until I had to go out and buy more candy.

The past few years, we have brought out our Kim & Scott’s pretzel cart and served hot pretzels and warm cider to trick-or-treaters. Parents really appreciate a healthier option to candy, and a lot of kids don’t have time or interest to eat dinner before hitting the streets. We bring out the pizza pretzels, grilled cheese, cheddar jalapeno, spinach feta and a few sweet flavors, including my favorite chocolate fudge.

So if you’re looking for an all-natural, nut free alternative to serve your trick-or-treaters, or you’re having a Halloween party, and want a twist to the expected treats….go to the frozen isle of your local grocery and check out our pretzels.

Kim & Scott’s hits the big screen in the movie, Dolphin Tale!

For any of you who have not gone to see the movie, Dolphin Tale….you MUST go and see this inspiring movie! Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr are just a few of the amazing actors in this film, but the biggest star is the dolphin, Winter. The movie is based on a true story about a dolphin caught in a crab trap and rescued. The message of believing and not giving up hope, despite the odds, is a powerful one. I was totally moved and cried my eyes out. It’s a great, heartfelt movie for the whole family. Right after seeing the movie, we went home and checked out the website of the Clear Water Aquarium; we were able to watch Winter live.

There is a scene of a fundraising festival in the movie, and we were fortunate to be part of this scene. You can see a woman eating one of our all-natural, hand twisted soft pretzels, and you also see our pretzel cart! It’s our debut in the movies…and we really couldn’t resist the offer to be in this film as the message and meaning are so in line with our mission of Pretzels with a Purpose and empowering others….truly Pretzel Power in action!

Let me know what you think of the movie…

Twisting a Difference…One Pink Ribbon Pretzel at a Time

It’s very moving to see all the breast cancer ribbon products out in the world….with many companies and individuals joining together to raise funds for breast cancer research. And we all have been touched personally, in some way, by breast cancer. My mom survived breast cancer, my aunt, and my grandmother. But this past April…my very dear friend, Lori Phillips, passed away at 48 years old from breast cancer that spread with a vengeance. It was a devastating loss that took an amazing, beautiful, brilliant woman from us way too soon….a wife, daughter, mom, and champion of courage. So this year, our breast cancer ribbon pretzels take on even more meaning as we raise funds for breast cancer research.

As a mom of two daughters, my greatest hope is that we can find a cure so that breast cancer will be a disease of the past when they are grown women.

You can find our stuffed all-natural, nut-free cinnamon ribbon pretzels on-line at or at our café, Kim & Scott’s Café TWIST, in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Come twist a difference with us…