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Do the TWIST!

Pretzel twisting is a huge passion of ours, and it’s been exciting to see all the school groups, birthday parties, parents with kids, and also grown-ups coming in to our Café TWIST to “do the twist.”

Kids of ALL ages (3-99) love the satisfaction of playing with the dough, and twisting their own treats. The experience brings back the magic of where it all started for the pretzel….over 1400 years ago when an Italian monk invented the pretzel as a gift for children after prayer.

We’ve been doing some fun special twists, like a rainbow twist with painting of rainbow colors and fun nut-free toppings, and we also have pizza twists and s’more twists.

Pretzel twisting birthday parties at the café have been a huge hit with the kids! You can take over the whole café and enjoy a private party, with goody bags, pretzel twisting, lunch or snack, and cupcakes. We make it easy for parents, and fun for kids.

Teachers are bringing their classes, and pretzel twisting is fun for scouts, community organizations, team building and more. If you are looking for something different to do for your holiday party, we also offer Travelling Twisting Parties!

And if you’re not in the Chicago area, we’re working on a pretzel twisting party kit! I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the kit. We’re thinking about making it for 15 kids, complete with aprons, hats, coloring books and more. Let me know what you think!

Happy twisting!


Pumpkin cheesecake pretzels & fresh hot apple cider

Hey all you pumpkin lovers out there….don’t you love this time of the year where there is pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, and how about pumpkin cheesecake pretzels!?! We made our annual batch of pumpkin cheesecake pretzels, and it’s perfect with hot apple cider. It’s a sweet dough, stuffed with a homemade pumpkin cream cheese filling, and then topped with a vanilla crumb topping and white icing. We love making special seasonal flavors, and our minds are always thinking of new flavors and recipes for our unique twists. I’m also obsessing about the upcoming holiday ideas….eggnog pretzels? cranberry crumb? chocolate peppermint? gingerbread pretzels? hmmmm…send me your ideas!

Our Café Twist (2218 North Lincoln Ave in Chicago’s Lincoln Park) just got the pumpkin cheesecake pretzels in. So you can head over there, or if you are in another city around the country, you can order them online at
www. kimandscotts.com

The café also has caramel apple pie pretzels….warm caramel sauce on top of a cinnamon apple pie stuffed pretzel….great with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt. And don’t forget the hot apple cider…

Let me know what you think.

Do the Pretzel Twist!

Chicago Park District kids participate in a Twist-n-Top

These days isn’t everyone trying to come up with something new, different and fresh? It’s always fun to be the first on the block and that’s why we want to tell you about our Twist-n-Top parties. Kim & Scott’s is known for its stuffed soft pretzels that are found in the frozen aisle of the grocery store. But now we can bring that twisted fun to your house, school or even business (a delicious team building exercise).

Grab a group of kids or friends and allow us to teach them how to twist pretzel dough into the iconic pretzel shape. Our pretzel professor brings toppings like all-natural chocolate chips, marshmallows, cinnamon sugar and food coloring and guests personalize their pretzels. We can bake ‘em at your space and about 20 minutes later, everyone is enjoying their fresh baked creation.

And if you’re looking to host something elsewhere, reserve some space at Kim & Scott’s Café Twist where we can twist the day away!

Let’s not forget about our pretzel carts. We can stop by your office for a happy hour. Actually any hour would be happy if we stopped by!

For more information on Twist-n-Top parties or our pretzel cart, give us a call at 1-800-57-TWIST.

And The Winner Is…

Happy Tuesday, pretzel fans! The time has come for us to announce the winner of the name game contest for our new bite-sized pretzel treats available soon at our Café Twist in Lincoln Park!

Before we reveal which name you voted for the most, we wanted to give everyone who participated a huge round of e-pplause! As bloggers, this is really the only form of encouragement we have to go on so we hope it still counts! 🙂 We can’t tell you how much fun we had reading your posts and watching anxiously as the numbers for each name grew!

It was an extremely close race between Pretzel Pop-ems and PretzO’s but at the end of the day (drumroll please) our our pretzel fans have decided.


Thanks to everyone who participated. We are now fueled with the information we needed to take the next steps and we couldn’t have done it without you! We always aim to create customer-centric products, and as always, your opinions are what matter to us most, pretzel fans. Here is a breakdown on the name game race. We couldn’t believe how close it got at the very end!

Now that we know what a great help all of you are, we hope you’ll stay tuned in to our blog as we continue the next phases of our bite-sized pretzel production! We could really use the help of all of our wonderful fans as we move forward with this new and exciting product!

Our Café Twist Makes its First Groupon Appearance!

Whoa! How is it already late December? We can’t believe the holidays are right around the corner! This year has really flown by for all of us here at Kim and Scott’s, and of course, we want to keep all of you in the loop as much as possible for what’s to come and what has happened in our pretzel world lately!

Last week our Café Twist was featured on Groupon, and we must say, the whole experience was a blast! We had a great time putting together this deal for of all of you and reaching out in a different way. We have had the opportunity to promote deals for our Café Twist on both LivingSocial and Groupon and each time we were extremely impressed with the overwhelming response we received! We can’t wait to meet all of the fans that picked up our Groupon deal last week for the café, and who knows, we may have a fun little surprise for all of our Groupon fans when they come in 🙂

One of our favorite parts about running this Groupon deal was that it was a very unique experience from what we are used to. We always love talking with our pretzel followers over facebook and twitter, but this Groupon deal was a completely new approach for us. It was a great learning experience for all of us here at Kim and Scott’s to witness the way the coupon world is transforming, and we were thrilled we got to be a part of it last week. The whole day our team was glued to their respective computer screens watching as the numbers jumped! At the end of the deal, our pretzel fans scooped up more than 2,000 Café Twist Groupons! With this great experience, it made us wonder…where else would our fans like to see Kim and Scott’s deals?

With the New Year close on the horizon, we are really looking forward to all the projects we have in the works! From the launch of our new Gluten-Free Bavarian pretzel to packaging and online redesigns, we are really excited for a new year and new pretzel possibilities!

Stay tuned, pretzel fans! We are looking forward to sharing more details on all of our upcoming projects with you soon!