Kim & Scott At Global Mayor’s Forum


Yesterday, Scott and I went to the Global Mayor’s Forum for leaders from around the world. It was an amazing event, very small (probably 100 people total) with 50 of them being mayors from around the world. This was part of a 3-day forum, bringing together leading global cities to share best practices and discussing the important role that they can play in contributing to a global economic recovery. Our company was one of a handful of small entrepreneurial businesses there, along with large corporations, the Crowns, the Pritzkers and other well-know and respected Chicagoans.

I actually walked in right when Mayor Daley was walking in and got to chat with him about our green bakery we plan to build! I also had the pleasure of sitting with Mayor Daley’s daughter, who has small kids. She wants to bring them to our bakery to twist pretzels! Also, we talked about her mother’s initiatives with education, who we will be talking to about a very exciting “Pretzel Dough” program we’re going to launch, empowering children to raise money for their school. It was such a positive experience and we were so honored to have been invited!



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