Happy Birthday, Dear Twisting Cafe!

Birthday Letterhead

We are so excited about our Kim & Scott’s Twisting Cafe’s 3rd Birthday today.  It was a dream of ours to create a magical place with a twist that inspires kids of all ages.  For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting us, we are located in the Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicagoland.

Given that there are not a lot of all-natural and healthier options out there, it was important to us to develop a place that caters to kids and families with a healthy, all-natural menu, and alternative options for those dealing with food allergies.

And not only do we want to help provide a way to keep the body healthy, we believe in keeping children’s minds healthy with interactive hands-on experiences.  Children learn through experience and feel empowered by activity and accomplishment.  We offer a Twist ‘N Top activity, during which children learn about the history of the pretzel, while twisting and decorating their very own!  Children LOVE this activity. Actually, we know many adults that are interested in learning how to twist dough into the shape of a pretzel!  It’s fun and empowering for all.

We’ll be placing a candle on our Twisted Pretzel Sundaes today so that children can make their very own special wish for the year.  We’ll be wishing for more Twisting Cafes for children around the country.

You can find out more about our Twisting Cafe on our website http://www.kimandscotts.com.  We hope to add a great section for kids in the not-so-distant future.  Currently we have a coloring book in the “Kids’ Land of Twist.”  We will soon be updating it with a fun activity booklet.  If you have children, check it out!

We’d also love to know more about what parents are doing to find healthier meal options for their children. We’d love to hear from you.

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM & SCOTT’S TWISTING CAFE!  We are so proud and energized!


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