A Spinach Lover’s Treat

October is Spinach Lovers Month.

The Kim & Scott’s family loves this leafy green that is oh so good for you. That’s why it’s the showcase of one of our pretzels. While you are enjoying your Spinach and Feta stuffed pretzel, check out this classic Popeye Cartoon. This classic has a lot to do with the popularity of spinach!


Wordless Wednesday: Perfection

Photo from Momma Told Me

Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

Did you know that October is Vegetarian Awareness Month?

At Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, we respect your choice to eat or to not eat meat. That’s why all of our pretzels are vegetarian. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the twist.

This month is all about informing others about vegetarianism. The North American Vegetarian Society provides an entire list of things you can do to spread awareness throughout this month. These are some of our favorites:

  • Invite friends and family home for a celebration meal.
  • Encourage restaurants, co-ops, and health food stores to support and publicize their vegetarian options, including in their promotional flyers.
  • Host a potluck, picnic, or meal at a restaurant.
  • Do food/cooking demonstrations or food samplings.
  • Eat meat-free for the day or throughout the month.
  • Learn how a vegetarian diet can benefit you personally.
  • Try the meatless options available at local restaurants and eateries.
  • Discuss vegetarianism with your interested friends, family and co-workers.
  • Host a meatless meal or potluck for your friends.
  • Eat meatless meals on a regular basis.

How will you be spreading awareness?

Do You Twist-Gate?

Fall is the perfect time to twist-gate. The weather is not too hot or too cold. It’s Chicago’s equivalent of Goldie Locks’ just right.

So now comes our confession. When fall strikes us, we have more than just pretzels on the mind…we can’t get enough of all that FOOTBALL too! We’ve already shared with you some great tips to tailgating. But the real way to celebrate is with “twist-gating” of course!

As Kim & Scott’s fans, you have probably heard this term before, but we want to get it trending! Sustenance is key when you are watching football so you need to bulk up! Why not throw one of our delicious gourmet stuffed pretzels, with a warm ooey-gooey center, on the grill to go along with your favorite beverage? Perhaps a Cheddar Jalapeno or a Pizza Pretzel?

So next time you start up the grill for one of your favorite teams, we highly recommend twisting up your regular tailgating routine with one of delicious gourmet pretzels. It’s a healthier choice with a variety flavors perfect for everyone and every team!

Wordless Wednesday: Twists and Cheese

Photo Courtesy of Cupcakes and Quinoa