Tailgate Your Way Through the Weekend

Football season is in high swing and many of you will be out tailgating for your favorite college or NFL football teams. Here are some tips to host a twisted, successful tailgate party.

  1. Appoint a beer guy: Of course everyone is going to want to bring the beer, but this title should be bestowed upon most reliable person in your group of friends. Recommend that they pick up a cooler that holds 10 pound bags of ice. Put dry ice in the bottom of the cooler to keep the ice from melting and the beer cold. Get a second cooler for other drink and make sure there is a variety of beer.
  2. Find a Grillmaster: This task should be given to a seasoned tailgater, one who knows how to throw our stuffed pretzels on the grill and cook them perfectly.  A propane grill is best for tailgating. Bring all of your tools to ensure you can cook everything.
  3. Teach Your Tailgaters: Tell them to bring their preferred meat with them and to bring enough to share with others. Tell them to bring plasticware, plates and bread products.
  4. Designate A Sauce and Side Boss: This person should bring ketchup, mustard, wing sauce, barbecue sauce, chips, potato salad and beans.

Pretzels, beer and football! Enjoy your tailgating!

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