It’s Fresh Spinach Day!

At Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, we love spinach so much that we stuff them into our homemade twists. In honor of Fresh Spinach Day, we wanted to share some facts about spinach with you:

  • Spinach is in the same family as beets!
  • Spinach thrives in cooler weather and can be planted as one of your first garden veggies in the spring.
  • There are seven different varieties of spinach! Read about them on I Love Spinach.
  • According to Wikipedia, 180g of boiled spinach contains more iron than 170g of ground hamburger.
  • Spinach may have originated in ancient Persia and introduced to the rest of the world by traders.

Do you have any other fun facts about fresh spinach? Share them with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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