It’s International Picnic Day!

Happy International Picnic Day!

Did you know that during the Victorian era, picnics held significant importance? Punchbowl explains that picnics provided young men and women to spend time together outside. These picnics tended to elaborate and featured items such as cold salmon, veal, chicken, ham, pigeon pie, sandwiches, fruit, cheese and baked goods.

Today, picnics are much more laid back. The pigeons only arrive to steal pick at your leftovers.

Are you having a picnic to celebrate today? Gather your friends and family and enjoy some quality time outdoors. And if it’s raining, set up a picnic indoors.

Serve some Kim & Scott’s pretzels to your guests! Take them out of the freezer, toss them into your basket, and they should be defrosted and ready to eat when you are hungry!

Slice the traditional pretzels in half and make yummy pretzel sandwiches with your favorite meats and cheeses. Our sweet pretzels will make an easy to eat and clean up after dessert.

Which pretzels do you put in your basket? Happy picnicking!

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