Milestones in Pretzel Pop Culture

Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels loves to teach children of all ages about the history of the pretzel at our Twist N Top parties.

Without that history, we wouldn’t have had these pretzel moments in pop culture. Broaden your knowledge of these pretzel moments, some taken from Wikipedia and some from us. You never know if these facts will help you win family game night or be the answer on a TV game show!

~ In 2004, Manayunk Park in Philadephia was renamed Pretzel Park. The park includes pretzel-like looped pathways and a pubic art statue in the shape of a pretzel.

~Freeport, Illinois is known as Pretzel City USA and has a trademarked pretzel logo.

~ The pretzel loop design in roller coasters takes you upside down at the beginning, on your back and then backwards at the bottom.

~ Pretzel Logic is the name of a single released by Steely Dan from their album Pretzel Logic. Pretzel Nugget was an EP released by the Beastie Boys.

~ Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels was born in 1995.

~ Those of you who love our gourmet soft pretzels are called Pretzelphytes, because you are loyal to soft pretzels.

Do you have any other fun trivia Pretzelphytes? Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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