Birthday Trivia Winner and Answers

Thanks to all of you who wished us a very Happy 17th Birthday! We celebrated it in a twisted fashion!

Thank you to all of you who entered our contest! And the winner is….. Diane F. Send us your contact information in whichever manner you’d like and we will be in touch!

For those inquiring minds, here are the questions with their answers!

  1. What is Kim’s favorite flavor pretzel? (chocolate fudge)
  2. What is Scott’s favorite flavor pretzel? (cheddar jalapeno)
  3. Where did Kim & Scott meet in October 1994? (Transitions Bookplace)
  4. What did the hospital nurses name Kim & Scott’s first born child at Prentice Hospital? (baby pretzel)
  5. Where did Kim & Scott start selling pretzels on tv in 2002 to 90 million households? (QVC)
  6. What two famous ice cream entrepreneurs inspired Kim & Scott to develop a foundation of social responsibility from the very beginning? (Ben & Jerry’s)
  7. What is their mission to make a difference called? (Pretzels with a purpose)

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