Check Out Our Traveling Twist ‘N Top Parties!

Parents, are you looking for a fun and easy birthday party event? Enter the Traveling Twist ‘N Top Party! Kim and Scott’s is taking the Twist ‘N Tops from the Twisting Cafe on the road!

Our Traveling Twist ‘N Top parties enable large and small groups of children to express their creativity. We bring everything necessary to host this empowering and fun experience. A Professor of Pretzels encourages guests to discover the history of the pretzel, while guiding the group through the twists and turns of creating this magical snack.

After participants construct their very own giant pretzel, they paint them with natural food coloring and then apply their final artistic touches with goodies, such as marshmallows, chocolate chips, and cinnamon-sugar.

The pretzels are then packaged with baking instructions and placed along side an activity kit with coloring books, crayons, and their very own baking hat. These young artists will be amazed and proud of their yummy creation. It’s sure to be a unique and twisted experience they will never forget!

To set up a Twist ‘N Top Party, call our event hotline at (708) 271-2025 or email

Get Twisted!



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