Pretzel History This Good Friday

Pretzels have been an ear mark of many different cultures and religious traditions. On this Good Friday, we wanted to share with you the meaning of pretzels for the Catholic Faith.

In the Catholic tradition, pretzels are symbolic of prayer and penance and are powerful in bringing families to God.

Christian Lenten bread goes as far back as the fourth century. In the times of the Roman empire, there was a strict fast during Lent. That means no milk, no butter, no cheese, no eggs and no meat. Bread was made from water, flour and salt as a remembrance of the season as a time of prayer.

This simple bread was shaped into the form of crossed arms during the Lenten season.  Their breads were dubbed little arms, bracellae in Latin. From the Latin version, the Germanic people coined the term pretzel.

Does your family follow this tradition for Lent? If you never knew about it before, it’s a great time to throw our pretzels in the oven during the last two days of the Lenten season.

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