Pretzels: The Perfect Spring Break Treat

Kim and Scott’s Pretzels make the perfect treat for spring break! Here’s a few ideas on how you can use our pretzels to make your spring break a little more memorable.

  1. The Long Car Trip: Just take your favorite pretzels out of the freezer, throw them straight into your bag  and they will be perfectly defrosted when the family is ready to have a snack. Pizza in the car! No problems with grease if you serve our pizza pretzel! Stock up and you won’t need to stop at the gas station convenience store for a snack on the road again.
  2. The Continually Teenage Hunger Games: If you have a teenager in your house, you realize how much they eat. Pretzels are great easy way to keep your teenager fed while they are home during spring break and you aren’t there to cook three meals for them. They can take the pretzels out directly from the freezer, throw them in the toaster oven, oven or microwave and they’ll have a snack in minutes. Don’t be surprised if you come home to a pile of empty boxes!
  3. For those with food allergies: Is there one of your child’s friends that has a gluten allergy? Make him or her feel special at the pretzel party with one of our gluten-free pretzels. Just make sure to cook it on a separate apparatus so it doesn’t touch the others!

How do you serve our pretzels on Spring Break? Let us know! We love to hear your ideas!

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