A Cafe Twist Announcement

In the pretzel business, we have many twists and turns. With the recent move of Children’s Memorial Hospital offices, and the upcoming move of the hospital, our Cafe Twist neighborhood has changed. We have decided to close our location at 2218 North Lincoln in Lincoln Park.

Two years ago we became a destination for hungry hospital workers, neighborhood families, patrons with nut-allergies and pretzel lovers from all around. With dwindling foot traffic in the area, we have decided to focus on our successful presence in the frozen grocery aisles and other exciting adventures ahead.

Thank you for your support during the past two years. We loved seeing families and friends enjoy time together at our Café and we had such a blast hosting parties and fundraisers. We appreciated all of your feedback on our toasty pretzel sandwiches, nut-free pretzels, salads, desserts and more. Thank you for making our time on Lincoln Ave. special and a wonderful learning experience.

And while the Cafe has closed, we’re still “open for business” with our traveling Twist-n-Top parties. For years, kids and adults have partied with our Pretzel Professor as they twisted and decorated their own pretzel dough and made it their own. We can come to your location or help you find one. If you’re interested in a Twist-n-Top birthday party, team building or fundraiser, please contact us at consumercare@kimandscotts.com.

Again, thank you for all of your continued support in stores including Whole Foods, Super Target, Jewel, Walmart and more. Please keep up with Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels on Facebook and Twitter to see where our inspired journey will take us next.


3 responses to “A Cafe Twist Announcement

  1. Chef Maurice Gonzalez

    Dear Kim & Scott,

    I am blown away about the Closure of the Lincoln Park. Sad news.
    I am not sure if the demographics may have played a part, but, of the 10% of those making a business successful, I feel yours was at 11%. Meaning, don’t give up! Respectfully, the menu can play a role, aside of location. (Though I think the economy has a large part in this.)

    I have no idea what your menu is like, but cooking Professionally for well over 14 years, I’d like offer my help, no charge. (I, among my Family, love your Pretzels.) Please, let’s me know.

    You guys made it’s this far; sky is the limit. Never give up without trying! I do. Take care of yourselves. I wish you all well. Good luck.

    Warm regards,

    Chef Maurice, SLS Hotel

  2. Aliza Fozailoff

    I am very saddened to hear that you closed your restaurant. My son was diagnosed last year with a peanut allergy and your restaurant was one place where we felt safe taking him. It was a treat for the whole family, not only because my son was safe, but because the food was delicious. We would travel up from the suburbs to come enjoy the food. This is a real blow to those of us who have children with nut allergies.

  3. So sad to see that you’ve closed. I’ve been hoping you’d eventually open another location or consider a food truck. Every time I had visitors in Chicago, I would take them to your cafe twist for a delicious pretzel sandwich. You guys made great food, and I hope you’ll open another shop or food truck.

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