Thank you Lewis Carroll!

This is one of my favorite quotes, and I love reading it to start the day.

Part of being an entrepreneur is the passion, joy, and obsession of making a dream into a reality. In my world, it was the dream of taking the old plain pretzel and transforming it into delicious “healthier for you” anytime meals. Plenty of people told us we were crazy along the way…but we continued to see possibility. I’m so grateful that we kept going.

In building a dream…you have to move through a lot of walls with no doors to do so. You have to find your opening, or knock it down. You have to really believe the impossible is possible…even when everyone is telling you otherwise. It takes such strength, determination and belief in what you’re doing.

So keep believing in your dreams….and know that there are actually great possibilities in what others might call “impossible.”


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