Read the labels on your food packaging!

Our all natural ingredients!

I went to an event last night where Gary Hirschberg, Founder and CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farms Organics spoke about his company’s mission for a healthier planet. He was a TOTAL inspiration. He is authentic and passionate about making a difference, and he cares so much about using the healthiest, all-natural o ingredients in his products.

As a small but growing company, we at Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels have had a passion for this issue right from the start. It’s easy to cut corners, use lower quality ingredients and save money. But it’s our intention and commitment to use the highest quality ingredients that are all-natural and nut-free.

The ingredients for a competitor's pretzel

You can walk down the frozen isle and see how many of the big companies have compromised quality for the money. Their labels have loads of ingredients that you can’t understand what they are. They also have the big ad budgets to promote their products to you.

As a mom with little kids, I want healthy snacks I can have easily accessible for those crazy times when we are on the move. I’m also way into being allergy aware. I have kids over often who have serious nut-allergies, and I want to be sensitive to the issue and have treats for them too, along with dairy-free options, and gluten free. These needs drive my intentions with our soft pretzels. From our gluten free soft pretzel, to our commitment to being nut-free, we want to provide a soft pretzel option for all.

We also are always thinking about how we can make our products healthier, better for you. We’re working on organic options, and our new EMPOWERED pretzels line, energized with vitamins, flax, and other nutrients.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have. Happy Thursday. We call it Thankful Thursday. Lots of thanks to you all for your support along the way…


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