Tailgating, Fantasy Football, Flag Football, and…FOOD!

It’s the season….from flag football to NCAA college games and the NFL….we are in full swing with football. And one of my favorite parts of football season is the parties! We have to cheer our teams on, and enjoy getting together for some fun…. and great food!

Last season, Kim & Scott's was party of the city's wager with Green Bay when the Bears played the Packers in the NFC Championship game

I’ve been hearing from people who serve our soft pretzels at parties they’re throwing, and it’s great to know how easy and popular the pretzels are. Since they’re fully baked, you just warm them up, and serve on a platter. Check out all the different mustards, sweet and savory dips. I like to arrange a whole dip bar for twists ‘n dips. You can also take the pretzels, cut them in half, and make a sandwich platter. Scott loves microbrews for the finishing touch…

And we can’t forget about tailgating! The coolest thing is that our pretzels can be warmed up on the grill. One guy told me he took the pretzels for a tailgating party, and warmed up the grilled cheese and pizza right there in the middle of the parking lot action. It’s something different….to add a twist to your tailgating or any party… Send me some grilling pictures from your tailgating bash!


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