Pumpkin cheesecake pretzels & fresh hot apple cider

Hey all you pumpkin lovers out there….don’t you love this time of the year where there is pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, and how about pumpkin cheesecake pretzels!?! We made our annual batch of pumpkin cheesecake pretzels, and it’s perfect with hot apple cider. It’s a sweet dough, stuffed with a homemade pumpkin cream cheese filling, and then topped with a vanilla crumb topping and white icing. We love making special seasonal flavors, and our minds are always thinking of new flavors and recipes for our unique twists. I’m also obsessing about the upcoming holiday ideas….eggnog pretzels? cranberry crumb? chocolate peppermint? gingerbread pretzels? hmmmm…send me your ideas!

Our Café Twist (2218 North Lincoln Ave in Chicago’s Lincoln Park) just got the pumpkin cheesecake pretzels in. So you can head over there, or if you are in another city around the country, you can order them online at
www. kimandscotts.com

The café also has caramel apple pie pretzels….warm caramel sauce on top of a cinnamon apple pie stuffed pretzel….great with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt. And don’t forget the hot apple cider…

Let me know what you think.

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