Twisted Lunch Idea: Kim & Scott’s Pretzels in your kids’ Lunch Boxes!

As a mom of three kids, I’m always faced with that overwhelming feeling on Sunday night of planning the week, organizing dinner ideas, lunches and who is bringing lunch what days, after school activities, carpools for each day, any school meeting to go to…on top of my very busy work schedule. Whew! I’m already exhausted thinking about it all!

But, lately I’ve been hearing from moms that their kids are enjoying our soft pretzels in their lunch boxes!! And it’s so EASY as they’re fully baked and ready to go. You just take them from the freezer and pop in the lunch box. By the time kids eat lunch, it’s thawed and at room temperature, and a healthy lunch option. Since our pretzels are nut-free and all natural, you know it’s a wholesome and safe choice.

So instead of going to the trouble (and who has the time!) of making a grilled cheese sandwich, send them with our stuffed grilled cheese pretzel, an apple, and cut up cucumbers & ranch dressing for a quick and awesome lunch. Some kids really love the pizza pretzel, and the spinach feta pretzel is a great way to get them veggies twisted in a treat.
Let me know how it goes….

Happy week ahead!

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