Twisting a Difference…One Pink Ribbon Pretzel at a Time

It’s very moving to see all the breast cancer ribbon products out in the world….with many companies and individuals joining together to raise funds for breast cancer research. And we all have been touched personally, in some way, by breast cancer. My mom survived breast cancer, my aunt, and my grandmother. But this past April…my very dear friend, Lori Phillips, passed away at 48 years old from breast cancer that spread with a vengeance. It was a devastating loss that took an amazing, beautiful, brilliant woman from us way too soon….a wife, daughter, mom, and champion of courage. So this year, our breast cancer ribbon pretzels take on even more meaning as we raise funds for breast cancer research.

As a mom of two daughters, my greatest hope is that we can find a cure so that breast cancer will be a disease of the past when they are grown women.

You can find our stuffed all-natural, nut-free cinnamon ribbon pretzels on-line at or at our café, Kim & Scott’s Café TWIST, in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Come twist a difference with us…


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