The twists of life through marriage and business….making it work!

When people find out about our business, Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, they often ask, “How do you both work together? I could never work with my husband/wife!” It’s a question we’ve been asked hundreds of times during the past years, and as we approach our 15th wedding anniversary after more than 16 years of working together, I am led to reflect on this question.

I think there are some key ingredients to making it all work. For me, they include:

Commitment– It’s critical that both partners are committed to what you are building. With our pretzels, we both woke up thinking about how we could move things to the next level…and we lived and breathed it…especially at the beginning.

Shared vision– You have to share the vision of where you want to go. Then you have a much better chance of getting there as you jointly do all you can to reach goals you set.

Respect of each other’s ideas and talents- I think this is a powerful and important ingredient. When you hear and respect each other’s ideas, then you both have a voice that is heard. Without it, resentment can build, which hurts communication and makes success difficult to achieve.

Support-For us, this has been critical. From the very beginning, we sought out a third party, a coach to serve as an anchor of support. We also reached out for mentors and experts in certain fields where we lacked expertise. It’s so important for entrepreneurs to have the courage to admit areas of weakness and to seek experts to fill the gaps. This has helped our relationship with each other as we don’t rely on only us to do everything.

Talk through things– We all have different opinions, and amidst life in business and family, there can be many heated discussions, challenges, conflicts, and different perspectives. But we find a way to talk through it, move through the rough spots, and this can help us move beyond differences to get to a new place

Flexibility– Life has so many twists and turns, and I have found that flexibility makes it much easier to manage together. With three young kids and the business to navigate, we have to be prepared for changing schedules with school, activities, business meetings, and all the last minute things that come up with all components. It often forces us to live more in the moment and take things as they come.

Fun-At the end of the day, it has to be fun, or why do it! We all have challenges that come our way, but it’s our love for each other, our family and what we have built that sustains us.

I’m grateful to have a husband and partner who celebrates life, love, and has fun on our deliciously twisted journey. Happy 15th anniversary Scott!

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