The Inside Twist on Kim & Scott’s NEW Gluten Free Pretzel

Kim & Scott's Gluten Free Pretzels are currently available at select Whole Foods

Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels recently launched our gluten free soft pretzel.  This has been a huge hit and is selling like crazy in Whole Foods.  We’re rolling out to more stores everyday.  Jahn Marie Parise, Kim & Scott’s research and development chef, has answered some important questions about how this delicious treat came to be.

Do you have a personal reason for wanting to develop the GF pretzel (aside from a directive)?

Several of my extended family members have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and have never had a chance to taste our products. I wanted to make a Gluten Free pretzel for them, and for others out there with the diagnosis, or those have chosen to eat Gluten Free as a lifestyle. Many Gluten Free products have unusual textures; my goal was to create something that would appeal to even those who do not have to follow a  Gluten Free diet.

What was the toughest part of development?

The word Gluten comes from the word in Latin for “glue.” And that is what Gluten does within a product, acts as a glue or binder to hold ingredients together and create a structure. Here at Kim & Scott’s bakery, everything is made from scratch, and all of the pretzels are hand twisted, which is hard to do without the Gluten to help the product hold together and become elastic. We had to find a way to mimic that gluten and hold the ingredients together so the Gluten Free pretzel could be twisted.

Why is the GF pretzel different than others?

Kim & Scott’s Gluten Free pretzel has 5 servings of Whole Grains! Many gluten free products rely solely on just one non-gluten flour to create their product. At Kim & Scott’s, we use a blend of 5 Ancient Grains (Sorghum, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth and Teff Flours) to achieve its biscuit-like texture.

Why are you proud of this pretzel?

The Gluten Free pretzel was created from a cup of science, a teaspoon of ingenuity and a touch of tenacity. That and some blood, sweat and tears along the way!

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