Raising a Young Family and Growing Small Business

by: Kim Holstein, Chief Inspiration Officer at home and work

Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels is a family owned and run business.

You know what’s funny?  I always pictured, and hoped, my life would be like this.  Shuffling kids off to school, hopping on a conference call on the way to the bakery, trading e-mails with my daughter’s Girl Scout Troup leaders, negotiating with vendors, and making sure I’m at the kids’ bus stop each afternoon.  This is how I wanted our life to be.

Sure, raising three young children and running a stuffed, soft pretzel company has been a challenge.  But this has been a delicious journey that I recommend to any woman who wants her pretzel and to eat it too.  Being an entrepreneur does not mean you have to sacrifice your home life.  My husband Scott and I have worked alongside each other for fifteen years.  Our kids, Sonia, Dani and Aiden learned to twist pretzels before they could ride a bike.  We’ve twisted together our business and personal lives, very successfully I think.

Scott and I often talk to budding entrepreneurs about how to start and run a small business.  We love to watch businesses come to fruition, especially when these business owners have their families involved.

Sonia, Dani and Aiden enjoy our business (and not just eating the yummy pretzels).  We already see Sonia, 10, leading the charge at her school to help raise funds for a school on the South Side of Chicago.  Dani, 8, submerged herself in our Pretzel Dough program where we’re helping schools to raise “dough” for programs and activities.  And Aiden’s just 6-years-old, so while not yet a business man, he’s proud that Mommy and Daddy are on a box of his favorite pretzels.

Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels is a family owned and run business.  And for that I’m not only proud, but also thankful.

One response to “Raising a Young Family and Growing Small Business

  1. Kim, you have always been an inspiration with a constant smile on your face! Maybe we can catch up if you come back to Houston over Passover??


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