A Super Bowl Party Treat with a Twist!

If you’ve been following our blog, chances are you know that we’re HUGE football fans here at Kim & Scott’s, and we treat Super Bowl Sunday like a national holiday. We’d love to actually be at the game, but watching at home is pretty rewarding too. It means celebrating with our friends, watching twisted commercials and especially enjoying the food!

When it comes to hosting a Super Bowl party, we know recreating the stadium experience takes more than a hi-definition TV and a group of cheering fans. It takes the ultimate stadium treat – a Kim & Scott’s soft pretzel! Holding that piping hot pretzel will make your guests feel like they’re sitting on the 50 yard line.

Our gourmet pretzels are a perfectly portable treat that won’t get launched across the room when you jump out of your chair for a high-five. Hosts across the country will also appreciate that they’re easy to prepare without missing a single play.

Enjoying our pretzels at home has a fun twist, of course! That’s because they’re stuffed with delicious combinations of ingredients – from sweet (Chocolate Crumb) to spicy (Cheddar Jalapeño).

We hope that everyone has a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday. Enjoy the food…and the game!

2 responses to “A Super Bowl Party Treat with a Twist!

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  2. Just finished a post about your delish pretzels!

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