Ready for a New Look!

Say goodbye to the old Kim and Scott’s website, pretzel fans! As our company and Café continue to grow, we decided a little online makeover might be just the ticket to bring it all together, and of course, we couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

Now, for anyone who has ever gone through the redesign process, you know there are some difficult steps involved, however, no one could have prepared us for how difficult these decisions would be! We now feel your creative pains, web designers! There were so many decisions to make, and so many different creative twists we could have taken, that we seriously debated having multiple Kim and Scott’s websites, just for creative purposes alone! We realized then and there that in order to make the right decision, we needed to keep the designs close to us at all hours of the day to see how we reacted to them on more of a regular basis. It is easy to walk into a boardroom and see a design that grabs you, but for our web site, we really aimed at creating a feeling that resonated longer than just a cool design. We wanted to create an online atmosphere that brought out positive energy and reinforced our company’s visions. From the colors that we chose to the layouts that were decided on, each piece to this online puzzle was discussed.

From putting the designs next to our bed before we went to sleep, to placing them on the dashboard of our car to glance at during red lights, these designs got a dose of real life in the world of Kim and Scott’s!
We know this strategy might have been a bit unorthodox, but our whirlwind of an idea paid off and because of that, we now have a creative direction all of us can agree on and a new web site we couldn’t love more!

We can’t wait to hear what you think, pretzel fans! Our launch date is coming up quick, but as usual, we couldn’t wait that long to tell you all about it!

Here is a quick sneak peak at what is still yet to come, pretzel people…..we hope you enjoy!

Our new website!

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