Moms on the Go…This One is For You!

Let’s face it. Food duty as a mother is one tough job. Not only do you have to find a snack that is filling enough to keep the kids’ energy up, but also one that is nutritious and made of enough high-quality ingredients to be sure that all the daily necessities are being met.

As children-free bloggers, just writing about this has us absolutely exhausted. We take our hats off to all the wonderful moms of the world.  You truly have one of the toughest jobs out there, and at Kim & Scott’s, your occupation is not overlooked! With two devoted parents as our boss, helping busy moms on the go is always a top priority when we’ve got a new product in the works!

For 2011, it is our goal to give mothers on the go an even bigger helping hand. The nature of our company has always been very family-oriented, thanks to Kim & Scott and their incredible juggling act for both work and home life, so it is important for us to always keep family in mind with whatever new development comes our way. We know growth spurts can mean quite the hefty grocery run for parents, and we understand that sometimes breakfast, lunch and dinner just isn’t enough. Whether it’s a quick snack or a 4th meal, our hope is that there is always an easy solution for our families when they shop at Kim & Scott’s.

In recent blog posts, we’ve mentioned a new bite-sized product we are developing for our Café Twist menu, and we have to say, the feedback we’ve received from all of our wonderful pretzel fans has been unbelievable! You guys are truly the best! Not only have you helped us with concept design but you’ve also attacked our name game with incredible enthusiasm and offered to participate on our taste panels. I think it’s safe to say, we have some of the best fans out there.

Moms on the go, we want to hear from you! What would make your life easier? And how can Kim and Scott’s help out?

We hope all of you will stay tuned to our pretzel updates. We’ve got big news headed your way soon, and we can never get enough of your feedback.

Until next time, pretzel fans…have a wonderful Thursday and a fabulous weekend!


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