A New Year. A New Chapter.

How in the world did it get to be December 30th already, pretzel fans?! Time seems to fly these days, and as 2010 comes to a close, it makes us really appreciate all the wonderful moments we’ve had happen this year in both business and in life. We feel extremely grateful to be involved in a business we love so much, and like anybody, we too have New Year’s resolutions for both our business and ourselves!

We truly believe that in order to make any business a great success, the team behind the scenes must have the ability to point out not only the areas that work the best but also the areas that need some improvement. Our New Year’s resolutions fit this sentiment exactly. We know this may sound a little strange, but we like to think of our company as one of our very own. A being that has soul, personality and above all, the communication skills to create a customer-centric atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

With that being said, our New Year’s Resolution is simple. Get better. We always want to continue to grow for the better in all categories of our lives. From expanding the distribution of all our favorite products to continuing to update our tasty twisted treats, it is our resolution to never reach a complacent level. What matters most to us is using the power of our pretzels for good and delivering a product that our fans can count on. Oh and having a ton of fun along the way!

As we celebrate the arrival of 2011, we want to thank everyone in our lives for an amazing 2010! Without our Kim and Scott’s team, the people closest to us in our lives, and our amazing pretzel fans to show the way, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We wish all of you a very safe and joyous New Year, and we look forward to all 2011 has to offer!

Talk with you in the New Year, pretzel fans!


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