Pretzel Power Helps out Pedal Power!

Happy November pretzel fans! Fall is passing us by quickly this year, and with the winter months fastly approaching, we are trying to squeeze in all our favorite fall activities before the dreaded snow arrives!

This weekend, our Kim and Scott’s team had the opportunity to help out a great cause for one of fall’s favorite past times: bike riding! As you know, our Pretzel Power initiatives are some of the things we enjoy most about our job, so when we heard about the Pedal Power Bike Drive, we jumped at the opportunity to support our Chicago community and school system any way we could!

We had a wonderful time this weekend participating in the 2010 Pedal Power Bike Drive. This event is dedicated to helping reward kids in the city of Chicago with bicycles and scooters for doing well in school.

Our Kim and Scott’s truck came in pretty handy this weekend! Our team was able to help pick up and transport dozens of bicycles from all over the North Shore area to surrounding Chicago-land grade schools. This bike drive will help supply so many deserving students with a nice reward for doing well in school, and we always love supporting our young community and the empowerment of education.

For more information on how you can help the Pedal Power initiative, visit their web site or visit them on their facebook page and learn more about this great event!

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