A Nourished Life!

We are very grateful that we get to be in the business we love so much, and any time Kim and Scott’s gets recognized in the press, we know it’s because of all the wonderful support we receive from our pretzel fans each and every day. We are extremely lucky we get to do what we love, and that’s why today’s blog post is dedicated to all of you who supported us from the very beginning. Recently, Kim and Scott were featured in an article from Examiner.com, and not only were they able to reminisce about how their love for pretzels began, they were also able to give us a sneak peak at where their pretzel love is going next! We couldn’t wait to share this article with all of you and thank you for joining us on our pretzel journey.

We were thrilled the article was able to touch on so many of the different projects we are currently involved in and excited about. We are always trying to twist up new ways to bring awareness to the causes closest to our hearts and this article did a wonderful job for us!

Most of you may not know the story behind Kim and Scott Holstein’s twisted fate, but once you read the article you will understand why these two were meant to be. Not only do they remember where they met, they can also remember the exact moment they met. We wish we could say it was on memory alone, but Kim and Scott’s paths crossed at a book signing for Richard Bach, and Scott still has the receipt from the first night they met at the bookstore.

Since that first night in the bookstore, Kim and Scott have been able to achieve the incredible balance between business and philanthropy. Our newest initiative, the Pretzel Dough program, is in full swing and we can’t wait to keep this program going. The Chicago area has been so kind to everyone here at Kim and Scott’s and we are thrilled to be able to give back to our local schools and empower our young community.

This article brings to life Kim and Scott’s twisted fate, the social causes we as a business are committed to, and even the newest pretzel flavor Kim and Scott’s has in the oven! This January, we will launch our first Gluten-Free pretzel so that everyone can enjoy one of our twisted treats.

For more information on our Kim and Scott’s initiatives, visit our web site at www.kimandscotts.com.

For the full Examiner.com article, click here.


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