Living Social at Café Twist!

Yesterday was somewhat of a monumental experience for all of us here at Kim and Scott’s. We embarked on a new and somewhat unknown marketing journey and we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results. With such a great following from our Living Social promotion yesterday for our Café Twist, of course we had to share our experience with all of you the minute our deal was over with!

As a brand, we are always very excited to try out new marketing strategies that reach people in different ways. We want to continue participating in creative marketing adventures because, as a company, we understand everyone responds to our brand in a different way and through a different outlet. That’s what makes brainstorming for new marketing strategies so much fun!

We were really pleased at the response we received through our Living Social campaign on Monday. At  9:30 AM, we had already received over 250 purchases, and as we write this at 11:30 pm, we have over 850 people who have chosen to purchase our offer!  It really opened our eyes to marketing with promotions of this nature, and how it can affect an online community. We are excited, as a company, to explore how these deals work and even more excited, as a company, to learn how these responses lead to the next marketing level.

Our goal, although perhaps traditional, has always been the same. We want as many people as possible enjoying our pretzels as much as we do, and by targeting our consumers through Living Social, not only were we able to track a day’s worth of success, but we were also able to give our customers a great deal for their next upcoming trip to Café Twist!

With such positive feedback, we are eager to interact with all of our Living Social participants to see if they enjoyed our deal and what changes they would make so that we are always moving forward.

We look forward to introducing the Kim and Scott’s brand to other wonderful marketing outlets much like Living Social. As always, the most important part in all of this is our customer’s response. Let us know how you enjoyed the deal and where you’d like to see us next on our facebook page!

2 responses to “Living Social at Café Twist!

  1. It would be cool if K&S looked into partnering with DePaul’s Demon Discounts. K&S would get more press/ad space in Depaul print and online media and more students would get pretzels. Win win.

    • Thanks for the great recommendation. We will look into DePaul’s Demon Discounts. With our Cafe Twist located in Lincoln Park, we always try to support the Demons in any way we can. Thanks for the idea and all the support!

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