Fall is Here. Time to Start Twist-gating!

If you live in Chicago, you know we don’t always get the best deal when it comes to our weather. Our summers can be extremely hot, and most, if not all, of our winters are out of this world cold. It makes you wonder why anyone would want to live here! Well, what we Chicagoans get in return for these harsh climate conditions is a fall season to die for. The fall season in Chicago is what allows us to finally contend with other regions of the country for fantastic weather, and we try and take advantage of it from beginning to end! As the leaves start to change and the temperature starts to drop, we are mesmerized by the gorgeous weather and all the fun fall activities!

So now comes our confession. When fall strikes us, we have more than just pretzels on the mind…we can’t get enough of all that FOOTBALL too! So here comes the greatest question of all. How do we incorporate our passion for pretzels and football into the same great season?

With “twist-gating” of course! Okay, so maybe you haven’t heard this term before, but here at Kim and Scott’s, we are determined to spread the trend! We know sustenance is key when you are outside watching football all day, so why not throw one of our delicious gourmet stuffed pretzels, with a warm ooey-gooey center, on the grill to go along with your favorite beverage? We have flavors for every occasion and every football team! Cheddar Jalapeno for all you Badger fans! Our Pizza Pretzel for any and all of our Chicago, IL teams! And of course, we couldn’t leave out our limited-edition Pumpkin Cheesecake Pretzel for anything and everything fall.

So next time you start up the grill for one of your favorite teams, we highly recommend twisting up your regular tailgating routine with one of delicious gourmet pretzels. It’s a healthier choice with a variety flavors perfect for everyone and every team!

To stock up for your next twist-gating party, check out all of our great pretzel selections on our web site at www.kimandscotts.com.

Happy Fall and Happy Twist-gating!


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