Twist Up Your Week with one of our Twisted Tales!

A great afternoon out with the kids is priceless, but finding new and creative activities can get to be a little challenging. One of the best parts about our job is that we get the chance to come up with new and fresh ways to entertain kids of all ages and their families when they step into our Café Twist. With several of us being parents, or aunts and uncles, we tried to come up with activities that we, ourselves, would enjoy participating in with our kids. After several brainstorm sessions, we are excited to introduce our newest weekday event, Twisted Tales at Café Twist! With the help of our Pretzel Professor and the rest of the Kim and Scott’s gang, we will put on a storytelling and pretzel twisting party every Monday at our very own Café Twist!

Starting this month, we are inviting kids of all ages and their families to come out to the café and add a twist to their typical weekday routine. Every Monday from 4pm-5pm, our Pretzel Professor will be reading a different Twisted Tale followed by pretzel twisting fun for the entire family!

Kids can twist, paint and decorate their very own twisted creations to either bake at our café, or take home to bake later. (There is nothing like twisting your own pretzel). All of our customers, who stop by during our Twisted Tale hours will receive a special pretzel twisting rate of $4.99.

To ensure a seat for our next Twisted Tales @ Café Twist, we encourage our customers to RSVP at: Or if you are in the area, just come on over; we’re sure we can squeeze you in! Our Café Twist is located at 2218 N. Lincoln Ave. (773) 281-3634.

We can’t wait to let the tales and twisting begin!


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