Sticks for Schools: Fundraising with a Twist!

With three children at home, Kim and Scott know first-hand how much dedication a school fundraiser requires. From countless roles of wrapping paper, to a lifetime of magazine subscriptions, they’ve been involved in it all. Maybe it’s just us, but we thought fundraisers were supposed to be… well, FUN! It got us thinking. How can Kim and Scott’s add a twist to the traditional fundraiser?

One of our favorite things about working at our Café is getting to witness all the happiness people share when they find the perfect Kim and Scott’s gourmet pretzel… and that’s when it hit us! Our pretzels would be the perfect twist to the traditional fundraiser. Not only will we be able to help “raise dough” for several different organizations all throughout the Chicago area, but we’ll also be able to share the power of the pretzel to more and more people!

Our mission was clear!

We set aside 100,000 pretzel sticks, in hopes to help raise $100,000 for all of the great organizations that have been such a fantastic support system for all of us at Kim and Scott’s. We feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such a wonderful community and any time we find an opportunity to get involved, we take it! Within the last week, we have already delivered pretzel sticks to Evanston High, MLK Jr. Laboratory School, and Lincolnwood Elementary, all within the Chicago area, for their next upcoming fundraisers!

We are very excited to extend a helping hand to all of these Chicago organizations and we would love to help out more! If you, or anyone you know, is interested in “raising dough” for a local organization, contact us at 1.800.57.TWIST!

Because honestly… who doesn’t love a pretzel dipped in chocolate?

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