Café Twist: The New Corner Soda Shop?

At our Café Twist, our innovative, fresh Pretzel and Sandwich (and a whole lot more) Café, we know how important a good hang out spot is, and we believe everyone should have that place they can just go to relax. Whether it’s to meet up with friends for lunch, take a break from studying, or even bring the grandkids for a nice afternoon out, we love that we are becoming the meeting place of choice.

With our recent addition of FREE WiFi, and our great friendly staff, our goal for Café Twist is to always make sure everyone feels welcome to stay, and when we see our efforts working, we can’t help but share!

This week we had the pleasure of meeting two DePaul students, Lauren and John, who shared with us that they have been to our café for lunch three times this week!  We always love to see familiar faces and to receive feedback on how we can make our café even more inviting.

We want to be the 2010 version of the corner soda shop for people of all ages. Whether it is the hard working medical professionals at Children’s Memorial, families from around the neighborhood, our local school teachers and students, or our DePaul students, we hope everyone feels at home at Café Twist. With promotions happening all the time, we hope the Café will be the spot for you.

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