Is Our Solution To Unemployment So Twisted?

We were watching the news the other day, and it got us thinking.

The news report was about the unemployment situation in America today. Unemployment hit 9.6% in the month of August reflecting that 15 million people are out of a job. An additional 2.4 million people have stopped looking for a job, and therefore are “under the radar.” Finally, 9 million people are working part-time, but would prefer to work full time. In total, 26.4 million people in the US are looking to work. Wow!

As business owners, we are so grateful for the great employees that we currently have. Currently we are proud that we employ upwards of 90 people, and are approaching 100 employees in the very near future.

But we wish we could do more. With so many people unemployed, we wish we could hire hundreds of the great people who are looking for work. Yet we have to be realistic in the way that we run our business, and we have to make certain that we are profitable today, so we will be here tomorrow to continue to employ the 100 people that we have.

But here is an interesting statistic. There are 29.6 million small businesses (less than 500 employees in the US). If each person only committed to hiring one new person in 2011, everyone would be back to work and unemployment would be close to zero. Simple!

We are making that commitment at Kim & Scott’s. You have to ask yourself, if everyone would do the same, wouldn’t the country be better off?

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